Bed in a Box


Yes, our mattresses come sealed in a box, which is a little larger than the actual mattress itself to give it some wiggle room. We don’t roll them up tight, extract all the air out of them like you do with those  bags you use to store your off season clothes under the bed. We let them breath & stay in the same shape they came off the table at the facility where they are hand made to order for you. Extracting the air, which is pumped into the latex to make it feel nice and comfortable makes no sense to us. (It destroys the integrity of the mattress in our opinion.) Then we ship them to your home, where our trained delivery men take them into your room of choice, set them up on your bed frame, and remove the trash for you. No heavy lifting, you are ready to throw on the organic cotton sheets (which we are free with the purchase of a mattress) and climb into bed. Dont forget that free extra cotton throw as well. Delivery free as well. 10% off sale going on. Call now. / 899-246-9896