Back to school and getting a good nites sleep

Back to school? Get back to basics! New kids, teachers, and classrooms are stressful as kids like familiarity and comfort.  Now is a good time to make sure they have the best sleep restful sleep environment, as much as possible, provide clean, natural, and organic vs. synthetic materials.

How can you create a healthy bedroom?  The most important factor is your child’s mattress.  Children do best with a medium firm mattress.  Natural Dunlop latex from rubber trees, with organic wool and cotton is a healthy choice.  This mattress will last their entire childhood into college years.

Protect their mattress with an organic/wool or cotton mattress pad.  This provides additional ‘accident’ support. Wool provides cooling in summers and warmth in winters.  It is also a natural fire retardant and dust mite protector.  Finally, choose the right organic/natural pillow, based on whether they are side/back/stomach, or all over sleepers.   Encase it in a pillow protector, add organic sheets and you are all set! / 866-246-9896