Are you Looking for an Organic Natural Latex Mattress?

The organic and natural latex mattress is one of the options you are likely to find when exploring the different kinds of healthy and environmentally friendly mattresses online. This type of mattress is one of the most popular with discerning sleepers who found themselves sleeping and waking up better when they switched to it. The organic natural latex mattress is made of all natural rubber, which is extracted from rubber trees in sustainable forests, like in Malaysia or Sri Lanka.  Unlike synthetic latex, the organic natural latex mattress is not treated with harmful chemicals, which are known to off-gas toxic fumes that have been linked to conditions like cancer, cognitive and neurological disorders, and fertility problems.

Organic natural latex mattresses are made entirely of materials from nature. Thus, you should not be able to find any synthetic latex, cotton blends, and treated wool in them. However, some manufacturers still practice making latex mattresses with synthetic materials. For this reason, you should only buy organic and natural latex mattresses from a reputable retailer, and make sure that the product is manufactured by a company that is proven to make completely healthy and organic mattresses.

The upfront costs of an organic natural latex mattress can easily be offset by its long-term benefits, such as durability, hypoallergenic properties, and comfort. Natural latex is very durable. A well-constructed organic natural latex mattress will easily last more than 20 years without any undue deterioration. It will be more comfortable to sleep on a latex mattress if you have a sleeping partner because it eliminates noise and transference of motion. This means you do not have to feel the bounce and wake up each time your partner moves. A latex mattress promotes better health as it naturally repels dust mites and does not encourage mold growth. Dust mites and mold are known reasons for allergic reactions, itching, and respiratory problems.