Amish Bedroom Furniture – There’s a Place for It in Every Home


Amish-made furniture is very advantageous, especially when compared to mass-produced fixtures. They are in fact, becoming more accessible to consumers through furniture retailers, making them an even more attractive choice. Amish furniture pieces are of heirloom-quality construction, not only because they can be crafted to your needs, but because they are created using traditional methods (handcrafted). They are innately more durable, and their craftsmanship offers extreme attention to detail.

Amish people don’t believe in the use of electricity, which is why their furniture-building techniques require tools powered either pneumatically or hydraulically. This gives their finished products a certain edge over mass produced furniture. If you want quality, there certainly is a place for Amish furniture in your home.

Amish oak furniture is quite popular. They are made out of hand-selected pieces of lumber, which means that your furniture contains the best and most durable parts of a tree. In addition to oak, the Amish also use other durable wood like cherry and maple.  They are known for their unique detailing and hand-applied organic linseed oil staining. Mass-produced furniture would often contain materials like particleboard and harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. This type of manufacturing also often results in unsteady construction and nicked veneers, making furniture disposable in nature.

Amish-made furniture are made using energy-conserving, non-polluting, and completely environment-friendly ways that don’t lead to deforestation nor produce toxic off-gassing. They use man-power for the most part and produce wood furniture that is created sustainably and will last lifetimes. Amish furniture is much like organic furniture in that they don’t contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, composite woods, flame retardants, and synthetic bonding materials, which in time, release harmful substances into the air. Amish furniture is also so durable,and they are commonly passed down for generations and rarely end up in landfills. Amish crafted furniture are timeless and trendy at the same time. 484=851-3636