Amazing Benefits of a Royal Pedic Organic Mattress


Royal Pedic is a manufacturer of healthy mattresses, and it has been committed to promote better and healthful sleep for more than six decades. By combining hypoallergenic and the finest natural materials in the world with expert craftsmanship, Royal Pedic is able to produce comfortable organic mattresses for US presidents, celebrities, well-known athletes, and royalty. The amazing benefits of Royal Pedic organic mattresses are appreciated by discerning sleepers worldwide, and these perks include a re-energizing, restful, and good night’s sleep. Here are some of them:

  • High-quality materials

Only the most premium natural ingredients are used in Royal Pedic mattresses. These include untreated wool from France, cotton fabrics from Belgium, natural latex from England, and long fiber cotton from the USA. Hence, you get a non-toxic mattress that will not give you allergies. You won’t wake up with body aches and pains. It will not make you sick because there are no harmful chemicals. Natural materials regulate body heat, and they are more durable than synthetic products and polyurethane foam.

  • Superior craftsmanship

Royal Pedic uses layers of the finest staple cotton padding for a consistent and supportive surface. The cotton is pre-compressed and tufted by hand to avoid shifting and lumping of materials. State-of-the-art sewing machines work to ensure precision in the stitching for durability and comfort. Meticulous sewing binds the tape on the edge of every mattress, and manual hand tufting of the inner padding provides exceptional back support and minimal body impressions. Hand tufting has been a manufacturing practice of Royal Pedic for decades.

  • Sleep comfortably, wake up feeling great

Sleeping on a Royal Pedic organic mattress means waking up feeling refreshed and re-energized, without feeling sore. The Royal-Flex 630i box spring system in the Malibu mattress, for instance, contains twice the number of coils than the industry standard, resulting in a firm mattress that is guaranteed to last for generations. The Malibu naturally resists mold growth and mold due to the untreated French lamb’s wool, which is also a natural fire retardant.

  • Vegan-friendly

Royal Pedic’s ‘The Vegan Ease’ is specifically designed for serious vegans or anyone who want to sleep on the non-wool mattress. It boasts the features of the Malibu mattress, minus the natural wool. Just be sure to present a note from a chiropractor or doctor before purchasing this mattress.

You can experience all these benefits yourself when you buy a Royal Pedic organic mattress from an authorized retailer. Reputable stores are able to offer a 10-year non-pro-rated warranty when you buy the Malibu or The Vegan Ease from them.

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