Organic sheets go perfectly with your organic mattress. With healthier bedding, you can be sure to maximize the benefits of your organic mattress. Organic sheets made in the USA are considered luxurious and top of the line with their buttery smooth, lustrous, texture that feels comfortable to the touch. They are incredibly durable. Here are some of the things you need to know about organic sheets made in the USA:

  • What makes them luxurious and comfortable? – High-quality organic sheets that are made in the USA are made of organic cotton to ensure a comfortable and a soft texture. They are luxury Percale, flannel or sateen sheets that can maintain their quality, even after going through 100 wash cycles.
  • You can get them as a complete set – As long as you buy from the right store, you should be able to get organic cotton sheets that come with a flat sheet, matching pillow cases, and a fitted sheet.
  • The cotton that is used is ethically farmed and sourced. Farmers use only natural fertilizers to ensure minimal impact on our environment and to make sure that you are getting organic cotton sheets that are free of harmful chemicals.

You should also know that organic sheets come in different sizes. You can get organic sheets made in the USA for your king, queen, full, twin, and crib mattress.