All You Need to Know About Organic Kids Mattresses

The value of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. As a parent, you only want what’s best for your children’s health, comfort, and overall wellbeing but what if the very place you tuck them into every night silently does harm to their health? Now,a few studies have found conventional mattresses to contain an alphabet soup of chemicals and toxins that your child inhales, absorbs and gets exposed to every time he or she turns in. What is supposedly a restorative rest may be leading to a slow but sure accumulation of harmful compounds within their bodies. This is why you should consider an organic mattress for your growing child. Mattresses made out of organic and all-natural components offer a world of healthy sleep benefits that you will never find in conventional beds. What’s in them? Three things: organic cotton, organic, and chemical free wool, and 98% pure natural latex (in most cases).

Certified organic cotton is commonly used as padding for organic mattresses, and the fabric on the top, sides and bottom of the mattress. This provides extreme comfort and breathability for the entire mattress construction. This allows the user to sleep without the possible harms of breathing in toxic chemicals. Organic cotton replaces chemically-treated, synthetic casings and artificial polyurethane foam padding. The natural breathability of cotton also allows better air circulation, preventing excess heat buildup.

Organic and chemical free wool batting is often sandwiched between organic cotton casings and natural latex, making mattresses fire-resistant without the need for toxic chemical fire retardants. In addition to this, wool also enhances comfort by keeping the bed dry and cozy, with its natural moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties. Organic wool even acts as an additional layer of insulation which helps keep beds warm during cold nights and cool during warmer weather. This organic material is also naturally mildewed and dust-mite resistant, thus reducing the occurrence of common allergens in the bed.

Natural latex completes the formula, adding just the right amount of firmness and stability to organic beds. The most durable material in the cast, natural latex offers long-lasting support and resilient comfort for an overall restful sleep. 484-851-3636