Advantages of Sleeping On Natural Organic Mattresses

If you are like most average people, then you probably spend one-third of your life in bed. Think about it. Isn’t it s important to consider the quality and type of mattress that you sleep on? Consider your mattress a long-term investment for your overall health and comfort. Organic mattresses are some of the most recommended if you want a high-quality bed and better sleep experience.


Manufacturers of organic mattresses use organic wool, cotton, and latex, all of which are cultivated and sourced naturally without using any pesticides. Organic mattresses are manufactured using a chemical-free process, ensuring your health and safety. Wool has properties that can naturally repel dust mites and delay the start of a fire without the need for hazardous fire retardants. What’s more, organic mattresses are hypoallergenic—which means they do not cause any allergic reactions like itching, skin disorders, and asthma.

Environmentally Friendly

Organic wool, rubber, and cotton are naturally and sustainably sourced. For instance, rubber is derived from rubber trees in Sri Lanka and Malaysia using the tapping method, which preserves the health of the trees and lets them heal within an hour. The materials are biodegradable, too.

Compliant with Organic Standards
Organic mattresses follow certain standards and are certified for their authenticity, quality, and reliability. The best organic mattresses and their reputable vendors are certified by Oregon Tilth, the National Organic Program, Greensleep, and the Organic Trade Association.


It is undeniably comfortable to sleep on genuine natural organic mattresses. Cotton is hypoallergenic and the organic latex is flexible and naturally conforms to your body. Organic mattresses that have organic latex can regulate temperatures, so it is neither feel too hot nor too cold. In fact, organic mattresses are so comfortable that they are recommended for infants and babies, too.