Advantages of Buying Organic Wool Mattress

Certified organic wool passes stringent federal production standards for organic livestock production. If you’re thinking of switching to an organic wool mattress, then you are on your way to enjoying many advantages and benefits. Here are just some of them:

Better sleep – Wool is a natural insulator that helps you sleep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Unlike synthetic materials, it does not develop ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots, which means you don’t spend much of your night tossing and turning. When the environment is damp and cool, wool can absorb moisture and keep a layer of insulating dry air next to your skin. When the environment is warm, wool can takes up perspiration and allow your body’s cooling system to be more efficient.

No bed bugs – Wool is naturally coated lanolin, a protein that repels dust mites. Organic wool mattresses also release moisture immediately, so it does not allow mold and dust mites to thrive. You never have to worry about skin irritations.

Chemical free – Inherently flame resistant, wool prevents the need to use flame retardant additives. It is the material of choice for people with allergies because it is not submerged in harmful chemical that cause allergic reactions. Wool is also 100% hypoallergenic and can resist bacteria. Wool fibers have scales for self cleaning and ventilation, so moisture and allergens are transported away.

No pressure points – Wool fibers have plenty of air spaces between, therefore cushioning the body and eliminating pressure points. An organic wool mattress can help support your spine and distribute pressure evenly to allow deep sleep.

Sustainable and renewable – Certified organic wool is derived from free-grazing sheep. This material can be shorn yearly throughout the life of the sheep. The process is both renewable and sustainable, as well as respectful of the sheep’s quality of life and health.