Add On More Comfort with Organic Wool Pillow

Organic wool pillows are the perfect companions to your natural or organic mattress. Unlike typical pillows, they provide a more comfortable surface for your head so that you can sleep better. Likewise, an organic wool pillow ensures that you can wake up without a stiff neck and sore shoulders. Changing your regular pillows to organic wool pillows is a smart move if you want a healthier sleep environment, too. Organic wool does not contain any harmful chemicals that have been linkedto cancer, reproductive health problems, and memory and learning deficits. The wool comes from free-grazing sheep in sustainable and ethical organic farms, so you can be confident that you are sleeping on a pillow that does not do any harm to the animals and to the environment.

Regular pillows go through conventional manufacturing methods that usually involve the addition of flame retardants. This means they contain harmful chemicals. Wool pillows never go through that process and remain all natural. This is because wool is naturally flame retardant, so you get the same protection without worrying about off-gassing of toxic substances. Likewise, wool is naturally hypoallergenic. It repels dust mites and does not let mold thrive or grow. High-quality organic wool pillows are covered with an organic cotton cover to prevent contact allergies and ensure comfort.

Wool efficiently absorbs moisture and lets it dissipate quickly and efficiently, so your body temperature is regulated or remains neutral, regardless of how hot or cold your surroundings are. This way, you can minimize tossing and turning due to restlessness and discomfort, and you do not have to worry about waking up with a damp pillow because of sweat. Some of the best organic wool pillows are made of Pure Eco Wool and manufactured meticulously in the USA. You can choose them with an extra fill if you are a back sleeper, a regular fill if you are a side sleeper, or a light fill if you sleep on your stomach.