Client Testimonials


Hi Dennis,

The topper arrived yesterday, and it is perfect. Just what we’d hoped for. We are using a very old Hudson Bay blanket as a mattress pad, and it works perfectly, being about the same size and thickness as your own mattress covers.Molly the dog has not permanently abandoned her old bed for the organic alternative, instead using both of them at different times for reasons that we cannot understand.

We look forward to adding the pillows to our nighttime comfort.

Best, Barak and Carol


Hi there! Much much better- thanks to the two guys this morning! The one that lives in an apartment on Main Street in Hellertown was super duper nice and was naturally customer service oriented. He’s a keeper for you guys! He told us to set an alarm clock so we don’t oversleep with the new mattress! Hah hah!

Can’t wait to sleep!

Peace – Nancy


Awesome, thanks for the updates!

Delivery of the mattress and removal of old one was smooth. First night sleep was very good!



Good Morning Lee,

I just wanted to thank you for the mattress topper – it made a big difference! We put our bed back together yesterday, and I finally slept on the mattress the entire night this time. A full 8 hours – that is huge for me!! And I didn’t get up with pain in my back. For me, sleeping on the dunlop rubber is a different experience than a regular mattress – and it does take a bit of getting used to. I don’t know why, but for me it is a weird sensation. It has been since we got our first topper in a rubber product. It is much better though now that the whole bed is softer. We actually put a new 2″ dunlop topper on the mattress (that we had just purchased a few months ago), and then the Organic wool topper, a waterproof protective mattress pad, fitted sheets and done. Seems like we are going to be OK!!

Thanks for your help,


Dear Lee,


I have been wanting to write to say THANK YOU for helping us get the best bed in the universe! We are so very happy with everything, the amazingly comfortable bed, the beautiful frame and the pillows, I cannot say enough good about it. I am so glad we chose you for the personal service rather than just ordering something online without talking to anyone. Now my husband wants everyone in the house to have such a great bed lol! So in the future, as we can afford it, we will be repeat customers. Thank you again!!

Blessings,Lisa & David


Purchased two mattresses, toppers, a mattress protector. The quality of what you will get is unmatched. My kids said that it is like sleeping on a cloud. I have to admit I’m jealous and want a mattress too! Dennis is amazing to work with. He will answer all your questions in detail and his delivery team is very diligent. I’m an beyond happy to have comfortable and organic bedding for my kids. Thank you so much!!



Hi Dennis,Thank you so much for all of your help!! I just received the mattress and the extra items you threw in! Everything is perfect.I am so grateful for your help through this process and cannot wait to sleep on my new mattress.

Please take good care of yourself and enjoy the weekend!




The mattress and pillows are wonderful! Thank you so much.

Keep up the good work!



Dennis, our materials came in good time. We went to work on the mattress topper installation. We removed and bound up the old topper. We have it and are still considering its fate. Then we flipped the main, latex mattress. Well done and a first in 11 years. It has some mass to it, but I don’t know its weight. If you know the weight, please let me know it. We then moved the box containing the new topper into the house, using ramps, ropes and a dolly to minimize effort. Then, onto the bed. Ahhhh, perfect. So, we are resting well and are happy. Thought you’d like to know. Tom


Dear Lee and Dennis,

Our new Coconut Grove mattress and floor model Freeport Wood Bed were professionally delivered and set up for us on May 6th. That night Chip and I slept like babies! Thank you so much for your wonderful products and delivery service. I’ll be calling your store soon to order a 100% organic cotton quilted mattress pad in queen size.

All the best, Mary and Charles, Frenchtown, NJ



Thanks so much for sending everything Lee! My friend stayed on the new flannel sheets and was in heaven!Karen


I was just looking up this business again because we need to purchase a mattress for our son. We haven’t been back since 2012 when my husband and I bought our bed because there hasn’t been a need. Yes, their mattresses are not cheap, but 7 years later (and we always for get to rotate it as recommended) and it is comfortable as the day we bought it. My husband weighs about 80 pounds more than me and there is no dent or anything on his side. The process was great as well. It was a huge purchase for us and there was no pushiness or issues with us spending like 2+ hours trying out all of the mattresses and coming to a decision. We will be back soon for a mattress for our son!

We love the sheets!! Thanks again, Lee.


Thanks Lee!

Great customer service.We will be ordering again soon!

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Best, Mary

Hi Dennis,

The topper arrived on the day you said it would so hooray for that. I was away then for a week and couldn’t get the topper on my bed without assistance (it’s heavy) but last night slept on it and it was heavenly. With the wool pillows (for which I keep trying this one then that one – like them all) all is just so lovely for sleeping. Now I want to get a topper for my queen bed but will need to wait until August as I am going to Mexico the end of next week for a week. Thanks for your expert advice and assistance. Ann

Hi Dennis,

The topper arrived on the day you said it would so hooray for that. I was away then for a week and couldn’t get the topper on my bed without assistance (it’s heavy) but last night slept on it and it was heavenly. With the wool pillows (for which I keep trying this one then that one – like them all) all is just so lovely for sleeping. Now I want to get a topper for my queen bed but will need to wait until August as I am going to Mexico the end of next week for a week. Thanks for your expert advice and assistance. Ann

Hi Lee

Everything is working out incredibly well. Bed delivery / installation was fast. Maybe 20m start to finish which was great. The bed itself only took 1 day for acclimation. Most importantly, sleep has been better than it has been in almost 20 years. So thanks for answering all the questions. I think I only have a few more and should be good for a while (aside from occasional pillow orders as everyone who touches these things wants one).


Hi All: Just letting you know I did receive my order today, both the sheets and the pillows arrived. I thank you so much for making this happen in such a timely manner. I can’t wait to lay my head down tonight!!!! Thank you too for promoting such great products.

All the Best, Theresa

Dear Folks at The Organic Mattress Store.

This is late as I have been ill. I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for being such a great business to deal with. I’m always a bit hesitant to buy online without trying the product.Certainly no worries with you.

Sincerely, Pat

Hi Lee,

Sorry so late. I don’t ever write reviews because there is only so much time in the day, so this is brief but sincere.:

This is a great store! These are great products that are made to last. The service is fabulous.

The quality of my sleep and dreams and life since I have gone “Organic Bedding” is magically improved.

Best to you,

Lucy N


I recently purchased a wonderful organic cotton and steel innerspring mattress from the East Coast Organic Mattress Store. I could not be more pleased, not only because of the quality of the mattress that I bought, but also because of the excellent service that was provided, from my initial phone inquiry through the delivery and set-up here in Tennessee. When I initially phoned ECOMS, I knew that I wanted a cotton and innerspring mattress, to replace a similar prescription mattress that I had purchased five to six years before from a West Coast store. That mattress was fine except that it was not quite firm enough for my husband and me. After researching innerspring construction and how varying degrees of firmness are achieved, I narrowed my search to the Waverly mattress at ECOMS. I still had many questions and Lee patiently shared her knowledge with me in a most professional and personable manner, through my several phone calls with “just one more thing” questions. I was also very, very impressed with how quickly ECOMS was able to deliver my new mattress, and the efficient manner in which the delivery company handled arranging the day and time for delivery. The delivery men were were easy to deal with, and quite careful in their removal of the old mattress and their handling and set-up of the Waverly mattress. For knowledgeable, personable, and professional staff selling a high quality cotton and innerspring mattress at an excellent price, I highly recommend the East Coast Organic Mattress Store.


Cookeville, TN



I Used the new flannel sheets last night. O M G ! Are they soft and comfy! You can quote me if you wish!


Hi Dennis,

Paul from Rainbow called me and he reassured me that there is no mix-up possible between organic and non-organic crib mattresses, as the two look very different. The way my concerns were handled immediately, by you and by him, did reassure me and I have no uneasy feeling left regarding the mattress.Thank you very much for your fast and efficient help in clearing up the matter.We are looking forward to using the mattress!

Kind regards,



In a word…perfect. Just the right amount of give to the mattress. And speaking of the mattress…another perfect! My wife is sleeping better, which means I’m sleeping better:)! You and your bride (Lee) have been wonderful patrons of a business that most people find to be a necessary chore in their lives. You both are “locked on”! Thanks for your help and expertise. May the Peace of Christ be with you and yours. Merry Christmas!




I am e mailing to say we love our new bed.It is so comfortable we should of done it sooner.

Caroline 2016

Dear Lee

This letter is long overdue.I sleep better than ever before. I went out of town and could not wait to get back to my mattress. I am telling my friends about how long distance ordering is not a problem. Thanks for making the process easy and understandable

Wendy from Seattle 2016

Dear Lee and Dennis,

Thank you so much for helping me get the mattress and bedding of my dreams! Because of my chemical sensitives, I was in search of an organic mattress made of cotton and wool. I am so thankful to have found your store, when I googled wool mattresses. The drive to your store from my home in Huntington, L.I. was well worth the trip. For I had the opportunity to meet you and your knowledgeable staff, who helped me to pick out the Waverly Innerspring Organic mattress, three inch organic box spring and then the three inch wool topper.

Now that I’ve slept on my beautiful bed and bedding for a few weeks, I must say it is the best! I used to wake up several times during the night on my old Sealy Posturepedic and now with my organic bed and bedding, including pillows stuffed with wool, I sleep through the night most nights! That’s an improvement from someone who used to wake up three to four times a night! I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud!!! And the materials are so lush. No comparison to commercial, synthetic material.

Thank you Organic Mattress Store for caring enough for people like me with sensitivities. You were the only store I had found that sold a mattress with simply cotton, wool and steel springs. I appreciate it very much!

Sincerely, Yvonne 2016

Hi Dennis,

We received these pillows yesterday via UPS and used them last night. Thank you for your fast attention in shipping them to us!The pillows are fabulous! My neck and shoulders feel better after one night than they have in years.Thanks again!Jennifer

Hey Dennis, Just wanted to send a note of thanks. Received my new mattress this afternoon and it’s wonderful. The guys who delivered it were on time and so helpful. Great experience working with your company! Will certainly refer all my loved ones to you.

Thank you! Cate 2016

Dear ; The Organic Mattress Store.

Thank you for the email, the detailed explanation about your manufacturing process, and the copy of the order and the shipping tags. We also appreciate your understanding of our concerns about wool being in this mattress.

To take the time to talk with me about this Monday, this email, and offering to take back the mattress shows that WJS has integrity and cares about it’s products and reputation. Both of us are very impressed with this and the quality of workmanship and the materials used in the mattress and box springs.

I work in Illinois during the week and just read your email to Cheryl. We discussed it and have decided to keep the mattress. It is being aired out and the smell of the cotton is already dissipating. On Friday we will put on an organic cotton protective cover on the mattress and with an organic cotton mattress pad and sheets feel that it will work fine.

Thanks again for working with us on this issue and we will be recommending the Organic Mattress Store to people that are looking for organic mattresses and bedding. We do not have anything in MI that compares!

Sincerely, Cheryl and Gordon 2016


Thank you so much for taking the time to guide me through the process of buying healthy mattresses. I am extremely happy (literally over the moon) with the purchase; the look, the feel, the organicness!) The kids are in awe of their new bedding even without a gazillion colors of traditional bedding. Does your site have testimonials because I have nothing but great things to say.

Delivery and set up went well. The guys forgot to take the boxes so I’ll have to find a way to discard of them all later, but for now I’ll concentrate on an organic night’s sleep:)

Thanks again for everything.


Vanessa 2016


Janet from Rochester, MN here.

The mattress was delivered Monday. The free gifts arrived Monday also.

The Fed-X guy was great. He brought the mattress to the porch (up the hill). Then he stepped back to help us get it in the house.

The mattress protector & 2 pillows are greatly appreciated. The pillow is perfect.

It will be a week or more before I will know for sure how the mattress fits my back condition. But it is all good.

I thank you for your considerate and thorough customer service. I could not have asked for more.

Janet 2016


The box came and the bed was delivered today and it seems really good. time will tell…I really appreciate and am amazed that I found you on the web, once I contacted it was an immediate response. a quick question period by you and BAM! deal concluded, product shipped and a bed is in my house. Pretty cool. Great documentation and communication.

If it sleeps half as well as the sales, communication and service I’ll be even more impressed.

David 2016

Hi Lee:

We love our mattress! With all those expensive mattresses out there that are not made from such healthy and beautiful materials the one we picked was a bargain in comparison!




Just wanted to let you know, first of all that, everything has arrived and secondly, we LOVE our bed and bedding. We are having great sleeps! We deeply appreciate the excellent quality and service we have received from you and your shop.

A big thank you!

Rita and Mathias.2016

Dear Dennis,

I wanted to thank you so much for the stuffed animals that you sent for my girls……I am going to give them to the girls when we move to our new house…….that way they will have a clean stuffed animal to sleep with in their clean wool beds 🙂 I truly do appreciate all of your help and advice!

Thank you,

Rachel Wells 2016

Hi Lee!

My husband and I are so happy about or innerspring mattress!

We wanted a new mattress because my husband developed back problems on our memory foam mattress within the first 6 month of use and I looked for something without toxic chemicals and fire retardants.

This morning, after the first (!!!) night on our new mattress, my husband didn’t have any backaches and I slept very well, too. We even like the smell!

Also the pillows we got from your store, latex for myself and wool for my husband, are just great!

These products did not only keep their promise, they exceeded our expectations.

We would highly recommend the products and service of the Organic Mattress Store.

Thank you so much.

Nicole and Omer

Dear Dennis and Lee,

We love the Innerspring mattress, Sunshine 3 wool mattress topper, wool pillows, and wool mattress pad we bought from The Organic Mattress Store about nine months ago. We are so incredibly comfortable in our bed! We bought a new mattress in order to hopefully address my back aches and to get one that did not have harsh chemicals and flame retardants. Although my back is still a bit sore some mornings, it is DEFINITELY better (which has been a gradual process, so I have hope that it will continue to feel better and better with time sleeping on this mattress). What has been the most striking and obvious difference for us right away is the comfortable temperature while we sleep in our bed, due to the temperature regulating properties of wool. I used to wake up drenched in sweat some nights (possibly due to hormone cycles), but since we have been sleeping on our new bed, I no longer wake up sweaty! It is amazing to me! Recently I slept in another bed while traveling and again woke up in the middle of the night sweating, so it was even more proof for me of the temperature-regulating benefits of wool! I also have to say the wool mattress pads you sell are so incredibly soft and not scratchy at all. You should sell them as wool blankets! Thank you for our comfortable sleep!

Susan and Tony

Happy & healthy & prosperous 2014! I love my mattress & everyone I dealt with in the process.What fantastic service & knowledge Please call me about ordering other things.

Thanks, Margaret

Dear Lee and Dennis

Thank you so much for your superior customer service! You have been nothing but patient and helpful. We love our new bed (Danford) which arrived ahead of time and is of very high quality. The Russian Merino all season wool comforter and Wooly Bolas pillows are amazing and again the quality is superior.

I will be ordering from you again soon and again our heartfelt thanks for your top of the line service and products.

Best regards,


Dear Lee

I received the Wooly Bolas and Rubber Contour pillows the other day. They are fantastic! I love them both, and especially enjoy the Bolas pillow. The minute I laid my head on that pillow I felt my jaws relax, and I fell asleep faster than I can recall. Also, yesterday I developed a migraine headache. Within seconds of putting my head on the pillow (and nothing else), the pain started to drain away. I recuperated within 20 minutes. Words fall short of expressing how grateful I am for your conversation in helping me make the right decision, and for having these pillows. They both seem to help my body (which is broad at the shoulders) find the the most relaxing sleep position. As a long-term insomniac and head-ache sufferer, it feels like heaven in knowing that in my home there is a pillow that will bring or restore me to good health — which all starts with a phenomenal sleep. Thank you, Lee! Peaceful sleep.

I also used the contoured rubber pillow last night and my rest was very peaceful. Thanks to these two pillows, I am sleeping more soundly (insomnia is fading) and I am waking up sans jaw pain or tightness. What a blessing!

Wendy Marie

Hi Barbara

It was such a pleasure doing business with you. We were so happy fo find your store. We will be coming back

Sincerely Gordan

Dear Lee

Yeah! The mattress arrived safe and sound last week. We unpacked it and set it up on Saturday AM – it fits perfectly. Judith will get on with making a bolster but in the interim my Father reports back that it is very, very comfortable indeed. Judith and I are taking his word for it but have at least been able to upgrade to having the old futon again making the floor just that bit more comfortable!

Thank you all for your care and attention and the thoughts and efforts that went into the design.

Best wishes for the summer and beyond.

Gareth (and Judith)


The mattress just arrived and is set up. I’ll be so glad to sleep in my room tonight and looking forward to a toxic odor free night.



Dear Lee

Thanks for all your help in ordering my mattress set and bed frame.I appreciate your personal attention and the time you spent with me answering my many questions. I look forward to an organic sleep system.

Thanks Again


Hi Lee

Thanks for the update. That is terrific! Thanks for taking care of it so quickly. I really appreciate it.

Meant to also let you know that sleeping on my new mattress is like sleeping on a cloud! It is wonderful!! And without any worries of chemicals I am a truly happy customer! Thank you for offering products that are so healthy! As an MCS sufferer I could not be more thrilled, and am so happy to have come across your special company!

Warmest Regards,



Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. We love the mattress and the topper.

It was also nice of the delivery people (and thoroughly unexpected given the late hour) to offer to do the setup for us. We tipped them 20 each as a thank you – hope that was the right thing. If you need a reference in theDC area for anything, let us know.

Thanks again,

Jane and Jo


Our pillow top came today…tonight will be our first night on it. Am excited.

Well how was the pillowtop?

Had a great night sleep. Woke up without pain so pretty terrific, I’d say.

Thanks again



I wanted to let you know that I received my mattress, box ‘spring’, pillow top and mattress cover-all in good order and very quickly to boot. I also wanted to thank you for your dedicated time, energy and expertise in assessing my sleep needs and determining the perfect bed for me. I had no idea what a difference a decent bed could make. not only did my chronic upper back/neck pain disappear after the first night on my bed, I’m finding that my tailbone that I cracked four years ago no longer wakes me at night. I had reconciled myself to discomfort and am so pleased that my nights are wholly restorative instead of choppy, frustrating chunks of cobbled-together sleep. I feel like I’m snoozing on a cloud!

I really appreciate how well you are doing by us with your optimal customer service and focused attention on sustainable, healthy materials in your bedding. I can’t thank you and my friend Helma (for recommending you) enough!



Hello Lee, and all at the Organic Mattress Store

I am sleeping in bliss in this last month since I received my Fabulous Waverly mattress. I appreciated your professionalism and prompt responses as I researched various mattresses. Deciding to treat myself to the whole works with a wool mattress, wool topper, organic cotton sheets and wool pillows; I found your pricing to be very fair. The products are excellent with a good warranty. Everything was delivered precisely as you promised with courteous and professional service. Thank you for providing me with great service and excellent products. I am recommending your store to others.

Wishing you joy and abundance in the new year.

with gratitude,



I am blown away by your service. I love the mattress and the sleep but I wanted to thank you so much for you customer care. I just got credited back for a nightmare episode of trying to purchase one on line 7 weeks ago. Within one week after calling you I had the dream bed right in my room. You deserve that sale!!! thanks again,


Hi Dennis

great news. mattress arrived safe and sound. no problem to assemble. mattress pad also arrived via UPS and that is excellent too. thanks so much and i have passed along your brochure and we will recommend your company to interested friends/family.

again, thanks

Karen & Tony

Dear Lee

The Mattress pad, Sheets, and the bed all arrived on the dates you promised, and I like the bed very much. Thanks for your efficient and cordial help with my order.

Sincerely Pam

Dennis and Lee

Thank you so very much. The pillows arrived over the weekend and are really, really nice. I hate the trend towards overstuffed pillows. These are just right.

I’m enjoying great sleep with my mattress. Really glad I found you on line. Love the products and the great service.

All the best,


Hi Lee

i keep meaning to let you know that we love the king sized waverly mattress.

it is perfect.



Hi Organic Mattress Store gang

Just wanted to let you know we love our new mattresses, thanks so much.

We also appreciate that you were able to organize the delivery to the W 82nd street address for last Sunday morning, it meant we just had movers come to take the mattresses from there to here at West End Avenue, and we were able to move on Monday when Lewis was at child care. We had the first night on the floor – but on our new mattresses and we all slept well.

We’re really happy, despite the last minute flurry about the shipping, so thanks so much.

I am also enjoying the millet pillow!

Thanks again and we’ll happily give referrals to your company whenever we get a chance.

All the best

Caroline, Danny and Lewis

The Organic Mattress Store


Warmest Regards,

Mary Ann

We recently bought carpet from your store for our sons nursery/play area. I believe it was the Ranier (but maybe the McKinley) We LOVE it! If you would like me to put a review on the internet, please let me know which website.

I have no reservations whatsoever when my son is laying on this carpet. However, when he is on other ‘chemical’ carpet, I am silently freaking out.

Thanks again. We will be purchasing more of this carpet from your store in the future.



I wanted to write today and let you know how delighted I am with my new Key West mattress and base set from The Organic Mattress Store. Your product is comfortable, clean, odor free, and supportive. I feel like I achieved a new level of sleep since I made the switch to organic. What’s more, it didn’t cost me any more than mainstream alternatives. A clear “no brainer” from my point of view!

Also, I must commend your entire organization’s professionalism. Your sales team took the time to educate me on your organic alternative to mainstream mattress products. Your logistics company arranged and communicated a convenient delivery time. And the delivery guys took care when delivering the product and setting it up. I was very impressed. In all, you and your team did what you said you would do, and you did it the right way.

Thank you again


Dear Organic Mattress Store

We want to thank you for the generous help you’ve provided in advising us on a bed frame for our new mattress. We will recommend you and your store to my step-mother who is an interior designer and to all those who can benefit from your high-quality merchandise and expertise.

All the best,



We’re enjoying our new latex mattress! It is a heavenly sleep! Quality is off the scale. We are very pleased! Thanks!

Neal & Emily (and Cheesepea; our pomeranian)


I just received a letter (see below) from my friend, Temma – whom I had referred to your store. She is most delighted to have a new bed coming her way after all of the virtues I extolled regarding your product and service!

We also sent Sue and Bill back to your store for a bed for their new home in North Carolina. To say that I have told ALL of my friends that you not only sell the BEST product, but that you are extremely reputable — would be a gross understatement.I would not hesitate to refer as many people as I can to your wonderful store!



Dear Organic Mattress Store

My beautiful mattress was delivered yesterday and I finally had a good night sleep! I am very pleased with the mattress and wanted to thank you for the product and great service.

I am so glad that good products made in America still exist!



Dear Lee

Just wanted to thank you for all your help with the purchase of our new mattress and Freeport frame. Your knowledge, mixed with kindness and patience will always be appreciated.The difference between our old mattress and the new one is like night and day. What’s truly amazing is I no longer have sore hips and knees.Thank you also for the comforter and candle. Love them too.



P.S. You’re perfect for the job!


It’s been three months since receiving our mattress, and I just had to let you know how incredible my back has been feeling. Your latex topper, combined with their mattress, has all but eliminated my back problems. The daily pain had become unbearable, and being a chiropractor myself, I knew our ‘name brand’ bed was a problem. So, just a little ‘Thank You’ for helping my wife and I sleep better.


Dr. G.S. Keppel

Hi Dennis

Just to let you know, everything arrived and is set up. We’ve had our first two nights sleep on the new mattress with our new pillows, and so far everything is wonderful! No neck pain. No hip pain. Let’s hope this is a sign for the future!

Thanks for all your help with expediting the order and with our mattress selection.




I just wanted to let you know I had a very good sleep. My mattress, cotton sheets and pillows are pleasing to look at and plush. As I drifted into slumber I couldn’t help but recognize all that made this experience possibe: the rubber trees, the cotton from india and the woman wearing a sarhi who weaved it, the sheep grazing in pasture and the family that sherared them, and the guy named Jose in California who put it all together. In buddhism this kind of experience is refered to as shunyata or emptiness. It’s the realization that nothing exists inherently but is dependent on many other events.



Dennis & Leora

We couldn’t be happier with our new mattress. In fact, we’d be getting the best sleep of our lives if our 4-month-old daughter wasn’t waking us up 3 times a night! I look forward to the next time we get a mattress from your store.

Best regards,

Harris & Julie

Hi Leora

We wanted to let you know that everything we ordered has arrived and were blissfully sleeping night after night. Thanks for all your help with selecting the perfect mattress and accessories

Best wishes,

Amy and Liam

Dear Dennis & Leora

Just wanted to let you know that all of our bedding arrived this past week, and we absolutely love everything! You were both such a huge help with all of this, and gave us great advice, and we really appreciate it.

I was having such insomnia before I got the mattress, and I am sleeping far, far better already. And, my fibromyalgia and muscle aches are already feeling better as well.

We have sent your website to so many friends, and we are also on a lot of environmental chat lists (particularly for design and also for health), so we have posted our rave reviews on there as well.

Thanks again, and best wishes!

Creative Director, Bergworks GBM

Hi Lee

Thank you for your email and voicemail. I will wait another week and see how we feel. Thanks for the update on the crib mattress. You have been very helpful and informative throughout this buying process, and we certainly appreciate the great customer service.

Happy Holidays!


Hi Dennis and Lee

Just thought I should thank you for the wonderful nights sleep I’ve been getting since receiving my new mattress and wool topper. The bed was nice, but when I put the topper on a couple weeks later (when it arrived), it was heaven. I sleep so much better,even when my husband is restless, he used to wake me a lot on our waterbed. Thanks again for your help and hope to buy more from you soon.

Cheryl -Downers Grove, IL

Hi Lee

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help. You made the experience a real pleasure, and not at all stressful. You are both very knowledgeable, patient, and forthcoming, and I just know that I will just love my mattress. And, the best part was taking my time in a quiet environment to try out the mattresses!

Much thanks, will be in touch, Stacy

Hi!! I have been wanting to follow up with you both to tell you how perfect my mattress is!! I LOVE it – chose the right one for me. Yes, it was worth the time we all spent ‘cause I am so happy with everything. The mattress is great, love the Ramblin’ Woods bed frame, etc.

Thank you both for all the advice, patience and faith. Lee- hope your back is better – mine is better but of course, not a normal back.

Take care,


Today we received our beautiful Peruvian sateen sheets, which my husband ordered yesterday. Can’t wait to sleep on them. We will remember to call The Organic Mattress Store for our future bedding needs.

Thank you Dennis


I just wanted to tell you how thrilled my husband and I were with the service we received from Laura while purchasing two matresses from your company. She is extremely knowledgeable and connects beautifully with people……she is a very, very good asset to your company in every way.

I just wanted to pass along the positive remarks,

Jennifer and Harvey from North Carolina

Hi everyone

The wool pads are great, thank you:)

It was very sweet of you to include a little whale for my little guy, especially since his favorite song is Baby Beluga!



Organic Mattress Staff

Thanks so much for the generous $100 gift certif!

Robert and I will be up to the store one day soon — to select something!

In the meantime, know that I tout praises about your products to everyone who inquires! (and to those unsuspecting friends and acquaintances, who may be in the market for true quality bedding!)


Dear Mr. Hornick

Thank you so much for your support of the Moravian Academy Ball.Your donation helped make this event a tremendous success.The proceeds of the ball will support crucial programs including financial tuition assistance, technology advancements, and faculty education. Your donation is greatly appreciated by the Moravian Academy.



Dear Leora and Dennis

Thank you so much for providing me a great mattress that is not only healthy but provides the support and comfort that I solely need. I also appreciate for taking your time and patience in speaking with me about the organic latex mattresses. Your gesture of kindness and courtesy during the conversations will be remembered.

The Waverly mattress is amazing . From my first-hand experience with smelling the fire retardants this year, I firmly believe that the new fire code of 2007 has dramatically increased the use of such chemicals in the bed.

As a health-conscious individual and a former summer intern of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), I strongly recommend to anyone who is deliberating on phasing out the use of conventional, toxic beds to go ahead and purchase at this store. My rationale is that the store owner, Leora, is an individual of high integrity who discussing what is best for the customer.

I am convinced that purchasing this organic latex mattress was a long-term health investment because of the many years that the mattress will last without any worries that the chemicals inside the mattress will be pernicious to my health. Also, I am at ease that the 20-year warranty will cover any mishaps with the mattress, if I have encountered any during its use.

I would also like to acknowledge John Gensler, a representative of DAX Stores in California, who has recommended this store for me.