Chemical Info

We Been Around…

And so have the Chemicals that you don’t want under your head or body when your sleeping

January 2022 marks a full 18 years in business for The Organic Mattress Store.  We even hired an environment attorney from Washington DC, to check our manufacturers out, and everybody else we deal with. No other retailers have done that. Pardon the pun, but they could not “pull the wool over his eyes”. As a result of his intensive, extremely thorough findings, we exceed all government standards including GOTS certifications. Our high monthly percentages of loyal repeat customers can back us up on that. Put organic mattresses in everybody’s bedroom.

What we Sell…

“Light Years From Conventional”

Natural Dunlop Rubbers are what we sell. We do not sell Talalaly. What’s the sense of constantly adding new materials to organic mattresses? “Some Things Never Change”. In the ever changing  conventional mattress market, they talk about the new Eco-friendly technical Polyurethane foam Lamination to keep you cool, water based adhesives, cleaner fire retardants, Formaldehyde Free,(Gee, Thanks),gel fiber pillows etc., etc. Don’t be misled by all that advertising. All of our organic mattress manufacturers have thought this out. Don’t settle for less. Give yourself “Peace of Mind. You owe it to yourself and your family’s health to have organic mattresses thru out your entire house.

Non-Toxic Mattresses…

The Organic Mattress store has noticed that a growing number of people are sensitive to the abundance of chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items. Mattress deterioration, health concerns and life-stage changes are the major reasons to replace your old mattress. Our mattresses have been designed for those who wish to live in a simpler environment, while enjoying a top quality and hand-made product. We use only the finest materials found in nature! We don’t cut any corners, or mislead with false information.

What is your CONVENTIONAL mattress made from?

Some of the following chemicals may be used in CONVENTIONAL MATTRESS making and may be present in your bed. The possibility of offgassing throughout the life of the mattress is present in both adult mattresses and baby mattresses for years after purchasing a conventionally made mattress. Alot of these chemicals have been linked to cancer. Why have them in your bed, or under your head.

Acetaldehyde N-Hexanal, Acetontrile, Acrylics, Additives, Aldeol, Alkenes, Alumanized material, Amine Catalysts, B-Ocimene-Dichlorobenzene Limonene, Bacterial Coatings, Benzonitrile, Boric Acid, Carbon Disulphide, Cell Opening Polyels, Chemical Latex, Chlome, Cyanide Defoilants, Dibuthyl, Dibuty (Phthatlate Siloxanes), Diisoryanate, Dyes, Ethylbenzene, flame retardant, Foam Polyfibers, foams, Formaldehyde, Fungicides, glass fabrics, Glues, Herbicides, Indene, Ketones, Mcs, Methyl Cyanobenezene, Methyl Pridint Acetic Acid, Naphyha Lene, Natural Gas, Nitrobenzene, Nylon Polypropylene, Paroffinic Hydrocarbon, Pesticides, Petroleum, Phosphates, Phtalate, Polurethane, Polyester, Propane, Propnitrile, Pyridine, Quinoline, Rubber Sbr, Silcone Sulfacants, Stains, Stannons Octate, Strene Butadiene, Styrene, Synthetic Batting, Tcep, Tdcpp, Thermoplastic Fibers, Toulene, toxic fumes, Trimethyl Benzene, Tris, Vinyl Puc’s, Voc’s, etc.

Benefits of Natural Dunlop Latex/Rubber

  • Promotes Good Health, does not run hot or cold, but stays neutral.
  • Good for people with respiratory problems such as Hay fever and eczema. Repels Dust Mites
  • Supports the body by taking shape and prevents backaches, and a fast recovery to normal.
  • Makes sleeping comfortable , provides an even sleeping surface
  • Good air circulation, body perspiration quickly dissipates out from the mattress.Does not retain moisture
  • Meets the consumer demand for the desired comfort level. Comes in many firmness’s.

Natural rubber is very durable and has a life expectancy of over 20 years without undue deterioration. Unlike Spring Mattresses, with Natural White Latex Mattresses there is no noise or disturbance for the sleeping partner. We call this transference of motion. This way your partner does not feel you moving around in the bed at nite. Natural rubber is recommended for those with allergies, Eczema’s, Hay Fever, Asthma and respiratory problems. The Bactericidal properties present in natural Latex foam makes it very hygienic and keeps away insects and dust mites.

Supremely comfortable, the flexibility of the product molds itself to the body contours of the sleeper, supporting the body firmly. Unlike conventional memory foam, with a slow recovery, this natural rubber has a fast recovery. The cell structure with millions of interconnecting cells provides self-ventilation. Body perspiration is quickly dissipated and passed out of the mattress, keeping the user in luxurious comfort. It retains shape and does not sag or deform. The recovery properties are excellent and unmatched owing to a high resilience found only in Natural Rubber. Humidity changes do not cause any damage to the mattress.

Benefits of Natural Wool

Blends of Organic and chemical free Wools cools the body in the summer by whisking away moisture when your body gets hot, and keeps you warmer in the winter. We use it under the top and side layers of every mattress we sell. By using blends of organic and chemical free wool, you have a better loft. Our loft method has proven successful over the years. Organic wool pillows are also our biggest selling pillows. Comforters made out of our wools are also popular due to there light weight, and luxurious feel. In short, wool is the ultimate material in an organic mattress.

Benefits of 100% Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton has been around for centuries. Most of our Organic cotton comes out of South Carolina mills. It is then shipped to the various manufacturers of our beds and incorporated into our mattresses as the ticking(top layer), or the side layers of the mattress and even layers deep inside the mattress. Do not be misled by the newest claims of GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS now allows so called organic cotton to be a blend of 70% organic cotton, and 30% synthetic recycled fibers. Be assured you will always be receiving 100% organic cotton in your purchase of an Organic Mattress Store mattress.Be a label reader, and ask for organic wool, and no 70/30 blends.