January 2022 will mark a full 18 plus years in business. We still sell the best manufacturers mattresses that we know of. In 2010 we even hired an environment attorney from Washington DC, to check them all out, and everybody else we deal with. No other retailers have done that. Pardon the pun, but they could not “pull the wool over his eyes”. As a result of his intensive, extremely thorough findings, we exceed all government standards including GOTS certifications. Why have we done it for all these years? We do it to bring to you what you need, in an ever changing world filled with thousands of chemicals. In the conventional mattress market, they talk about the new eco-friendly technical Polyurethane foam Lamination to keep you cool, water based adhesives, cleaner fire retardants, Formaldehyde Free,(Gee, Thanks),gel fiber pillows etc., etc. Don’t be misled by all that advertising. All of our manufacturers have thought out, and designed something that you will appreciate for the rest of your life. Don’t settle for less. Give yourself “Peace of Mind for the next 1/3 of your life” that you sleep. You owe it to yourself and your family’s health.

The Quest to find the perfect mattress is not an easy one. Most dealers and manufacturers of these mattresses were once located on the West Coast and people had no way at all on the East Coast to try mattresses out. Realizing that it was an unfortunate situation for anyone interested in sleeping “green” on the east coast, we responded to that predicament by opening a 1000 square foot showroom in downtown Hellertown, Pennsylvania in June, 2004. In May of 2007 the East Coast Organic Mattress Store® Inc. expanded by moving into an 10,000 square foot facility which we have completely renovated into the greenest  building in town. It includes a 1500 square foot showroom that has the finest assortment of mattresses from the most sought after mattress manufacturers in the industry. With 12 years behind us, we would like to say “Thanks for your business”, to all our customers. In short, “The superb products we sell are what we believe in and we will sell nothing less”. 100% Certified Organic Cotton Fabric and Padding, Organic and Chemical free Wools, and Dunlop Natural Rubber is what we sell. What’s the sense of constantly adding new materials to a mattress? “SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE”. “Light Years away from Conventional”

“Comfort Never Felt So Natural” 

The Organic Mattress Store® Inc.

1075 Main Street

Hellertown, Pa. 18055



When your new bed arrives, it will have an unusual fragrance:

Don’t worry. It’s only natural! Your new bed has been securely wrapped up for a while and it will take a little bit for this new bed fragrance to disappear.  Good ventilation will help this process along. It could be the wool, or the proteins in the latex, or the organic cotton.  Open a window and turn on a fan the first day if needed.

Moving your mattress:

Don’t pick it up by the handles, if any.  These are there only to allow for easier turning. Try not to use them.  It is easiest to get the bed to its final destination in the box if at all possible.  Do not fold inner spring mattresses to get them into tighter spots.  This will damage them. 

Bed frames:

It is best to use a metal or wood bed frame with your new mattress and foundation.  The frame allows air circulation around the mattress and foundation.  This helps prevent dust mites, mold, and mildew; and allows for easier cleaning.  Most beds, other than a twin, should have a center support. Some antique beds do not and we suggest you beef this area up. Some organic stains on bed frames take up to 4 weeks for the natural smell to go away. Open your windows to help it air out. 

Mattress protection:

Mattress pads help protect your mattress from every day spills and accidents.  Layering with a wool, or cotton mattress protector is recommended to prevent your mattress from being exposed to long term moisture.  Storage/exposure to these conditions can cause mold and mildew to develop. Never lay a mattress on the floor or carpet. Keep it up off the ground. 

Last but not least:

Your new bed is not a trampoline.  Please do not jump or stand on your new bed.  This uneven weight distribution may cause damage inside the mattress, as well as seam splitting.  This type of damage is not covered by your warranty.



The Organic Mattress Store® has about 10 different styles of mattresses and wood foundations and each are installed a different way. We suggest reading this page to get better informed on the correct way to put the mattress and foundation together. Use this guide when the installers show up.

“The Key West”comes with (1) solid layer of 6-inch rubber core inside a zipper cover.  Twins Fulls, and Queens, and Kings should come in one piece, already built. When building it put the zipper up. Then put the core inside, zip it up, then flip it over to put the zipper down again. This mattress comes with or without a wood foundation. ALL WOOD FOUNDATIONS ARE TO BE INSTALLED WITH THE SLATS UP. IF YOU DON’T FEEL SLATS YOU HAVE IT UPSIDE DOWN. Flip the inside core 1x a year.

“The Coconut Grove® Twin and Full, have 1- 6” layer on the bottom and a 3” soft layer on top, all inside a zipper cover that stays on the top. Build it with the zipper on top. If the customer bought a queen, or a king with (1) or (2) separate firmness’s of the 6” layer, put them where the customer wants them. Comes with or without a wood foundation. ALL WOOD FOUNDATIONS ARE TO BE INSTALLED WITH THE SLATS UP. IF YOU DON’T FEEL SLATS YOU HAVE IT UPSIDE DOWN. Flip the cores 1x a year.



“The Key Largo”,Ivy Organics Ultra Deluxe Latex, “The Dreamton” wool/cotton mattress,“The Royal-Pedic Malibu”, or“The Vegan Ease” Firm Innerspring,  and “The Waverly” mediuim Innerspring are all sewn shut mattresses, with NO ZIPPERS. All of these come with or without a wood foundation (WITH THE SLATS UP). IF YOU DON’T FEEL SLATS YOU HAVE IT UPSIDE DOWN. If a metal frame is ordered, install it and place the set on top.

* All innerspring or sewn shut mattresses just require taking them out of the box. Flip and rotate 1x a year.

Caring for your latex products

  1. Flip your latex mattress or pillow top yearly after the first year. It’s easier to do with 2 people. From the top, bend the cores in half like a piece of bread and pull the bottom out and up towards the top of the bed by using leverage. Rotate the cores while you’re at it. You’re done. Each manufacturer has a different set of care instructions. Please follow their recommendations since they could be different from ours. Flipping will increase longevity. Be careful not to rip the rubber cores when flipping. Air out the latex cores if needed, but not in the sun. 
  2. We suggest having the delivery men bring in the mattress and foundation and set up the foundation first. Since some delivery men probably never saw some of these mattresses, it is advisable to take time, and read the instructions. Have the delivery men wash their hands prior to installation. It is highly advisable to use a wool or cotton mattress protector over any mattress you purchase. Spot clean it with vinegar and water. Wash and dry it on the easy cycle, and hang it out to dry. Be careful of corner straps with baby’s moving up to twin mattresses. Cut the strap off if necessary. Err on the side of caution around all infants.

Your Innerspring Mattresses

  • Place the mattress on top of a metal frame, or a box spring or a wood slat foundation platform bed.
  • For longer life, do not allow jumping / bouncing on top of your mattress.
  • Make sure they’re lined up. Think about using a wool or cotton mattress protector over the mattress. If you don’t you will be spot cleaning your mattress with vinegar and water if something ends up on it.
  • Do not use the handles to pick up the mattress. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Flip & rotate your innerspring mattress every year.
  • Remove stains/soiling with a natural/biodegradable stain remover (always test first!)
  • Do not allow your mattress to get wet, or damp. You can spot clean with vinegar and water if you want. Allow to dry by placing a fan on the wet spot till drying is complete.

                                   private_label                       gold_green_america_certified

Caring for your Mattress

As the years go by you will look back and be glad you invested in the finest products available.  “For the next 1/3 of your life” you will have the peace of mind knowing as you sleep that you’re safe from the off gassing associated with conventional mattresses. The pure wools, cotton, and natural rubber cores are the best materials we could find.  We have said it once and we will say it again, our motto is to find the best materials available at the time and use them in our products.  We do not compromise the quality – ever.

It’s easy.Every year flip your pillow top, or mattress, or mattress cores.  Depending on if it has a zipper or not, you can keep the rubber core inside the cover and flip it, and turn it as is, or open the zipper cover like a clamshell, take out the rubber core and simply slip and turn the rubber core inside.  Make sure to put the core back inside the cover all squared up and then re-zip the cover shut.  As for the mattress, which is much larger and bulkier, we strongly advise to unzip the cover, and flip and rotate the rubber core inside the cover every 12 months.  Just like the pillow top, make sure to put the core back inside the cover all squared up and then re-zip the cover.  Take your time to push the natural rubber core back inside your pillow top cover or mattress cover evenly so that the zipper does not get caught up on the rubber core.  Do not try to move it by pulling on the protective cotton fabric covering on the core.  Handle carefully with a firm grip of your hands because pulling with the fingertips may tear the rubber.  We strongly advise placing your mattress on an appropriate slatted platform bed or the accompanying foundation.  Placing a mattress on a flat surface, like a flat plywood piece, or on the floor, can result in mold growth.  Mattresses must have airflow on all sides, because when we sleep, we can release about 8 oz. of moisture through respiration and perspiration. 

Accessories we advise.  The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®, Inc. highly advises using a wool or cotton mattress protector.  If there are issues with babies, pets, people, or just about anything that has to do with liquids ending up on top of the mattress, (eating breakfast in bed is back in style)then we recommend you purchase a cotton or a wool mattress protector, which is more water repellant.  For situations where fluids aren’t a concern, then we recommend using a cotton mattress protector, but cotton always runs a little hotter than wool.  If liquids spill on the bed, immediately take off the sheet, and take off the mattress protector and take it over to the sink, and spot clean it around the stain with a vinegar and warm water mixture. Repeat. Let it air dry. When dry, replace it back over the pillow top or mattress.  It makes no sense to have to launder the entire mattress pad just for one spot.  When laundering your mattress pads, use the easy/hand wash cycle and air fluff, or best yet, hang to dry. For wool mattress pads, soak and spin only.  Since these are materials that have organic wools and cottons, do not throw these covers in the washer and dryer set on hot, as they will shrink and get hard as a rock. With the gentle creation of natural wools and textile organic cotton, it’s best to go easy on the materials.  Use only natural cleaning materials when washing any products that have organic fiber. We recommend natural/bio-degradable laundry detergents which are available locally through independent dealers, most health food stores and larger supermarkets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the package since they can change from one to the other. Air all organic products out on cold winter days, and nice pollen free days thru out the year. You will appreciate all the aired out products that night. Try to avoid putting your products out during pollen season.

Cleaning the cover The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®, Inc. makes some of its mattress covers with zippers.  We do this so that you can easily spot clean. NEVER WASH YOUR MATTRESS OR PILLOW TOP COVER!If you do, it will shrink. With protection like a wool mattress protector over the pillow top or mattress, you significantly reduce your chances of having to clean the cover.  If needed, check with your local green cleaner to see what they can do. Dry Cleaning helps, but ask them for a guarantee that it won’t shrink.  If it shrinks have them pay for a new cover. You can purchase a new one off your dealer. Check the cleaning ingredients to make sure you’re not getting polluted by their product. Ask them to prove it to you. Be a label reader.

The East Coast Organic Mattress Store Inc. ® will not be liable for consequential or incidental damages resulting from the use of any of its products.  The term of duration of this limited warranty shall not be exceeded by any applicable implied warranties.  Your rights under state law may vary; some states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages, and/or the duration of implied warranty. You may have additional rights depending upon your state.  No implied or expressed warranties (including implied warranties or merchantability and fitness) are extended to any person who purchases any of these products from any source other than The East Coast Organic Mattress Store Inc. ® or its authorized dealers.  Customers are responsible for providing the law label from their East Coast Organic Mattress Store® product.

The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®


(A mattress pad of some type is recommended with any mattress)

To get the best benefit and longer life from your organic products please follow the care instructions.

COMFORTER CARE: Your wonderful new comforter needs just a little TLC.  It’s only natural, don’t you think? We recommend you always use a duvet cover. Please choose a beautiful sunny, breezy day a few times a year and hang your comforter outside to completely air out. (Allergens are at a minimum in the winter). If you need to clean your comforter, dry clean only at a green cleaner, please. (Make sure they can guarantee that it will not shrink). Protect your comforter with a Duvet. Button ends are good. 

PILLOWSSome pillows do not hold up well if put in a washing machine.  Use a pillow protector, and a few times a year, or more, hang outside in sun and fresh air. The sun and ozone act as a natural disinfectant and deodorizer!  Sprinkle with baking soda to remove any odors. (Let it sit a while).  Vacuum or shake off outside (Use a handheld, low power setting on the vacuum).  Spot clean with a mild vinegar/water solution if needed.  Do not place your natural latex pillow in direct sunlight.  If your latex pillow has a removable cover, hand wash or machine wash on delicate setting with cold water and air dry. Some pillows like the Wooly Bolas and contour rubber pillows are washable – check with the store where purchased. Pull on both sides of the pillow to loosen up the material inside. 

COTTON MATTRESS PROTECTOR:Our mattress pads are good mattress protection.  Machines wash in lukewarm/cold water setting.  Please use a natural/biodegradable detergent only.  You may line dry or tumble dry on low.  Do not bleach. You have to act faster with cotton vs a wool mattress protector. 

WOOL MATTRESS PROTECTOR:Made from pure tightly woven wool, this product is naturally flame retardant. Wool is a better mattress protector over cotton.  Wool is a natural insulator – it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool is water repellant, not resistant. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 

Washing:  The basics – soak and spin. Do not agitate or machine dry.  When using a top loader machine set the cycles to soak and high-speed spin.  Be careful not to walk away while on the soak setting as it will just go right to the agitation cycle if not stopped.  Soak – fill the machine with warm water. Add a small amount of biodegradable detergent. Place item in the machine, gently pushing it down to absorb the water. Let it soak. Skip all the agitation cycles.  Manually set to spin.  Let spin cycle centrifuge all the water out.  Soak and spin – Leave your item in the machine.  Fill with warm water again.  Then spin it out again.  MACHINE DRY ON VERY LOW. Or drape it in the sun or a warm place to dry. Follow manufacturer’s instructions as they all are slightly different. You can spot clean with vinegar as well. 

WOOL MATTRESS PILLOW TOPS:Rejuvenate your wool pillow top by gently fluffing, pulling fiber apart from the center on both sides, and occasionally turning over and around. Try putting it in a commercial dryer on low setting with tennis balls to fluff up. Go gently. This will insure even wear.  Hang your pillow top outdoors occasionally to let it freshen and puff up. (Allergens are at a minimum in the winter).  Stronger odors can be eliminated by sprinkling with baking soda before hanging outdoors.  Do not attempt to launder at home.  Professional dry cleaning at a green cleaner is recommended. Get a guarantee from them that the product will not shrink, or they have to replace it. Ask about ingredients. 



Unmake your bed each morning

The easiest way to care for your natural fiber bedding is by unmaking your bed every morning.  In order to let the most active areas of your bedding breathe, pull back your comforter and blankets for at least an hour or two, until you go to bed that night. Your wool bedding has been actively wicking moisture away from your skin throughout the night in order to keep you in a comfortable temperature zone.  Giving your bedding a daily chance to air out allows it to release that moisture and stay fresh. 

Fold your separate mattress topper down once each month

Once per month, pull your separate mattress topper down over the foot of your bed.  This allows the very middle of your bed to air out and release moisture.  This is a great time to rotate and flip your mattress topper in order to create even compression.

Seasonal Sun and Air

Once each season, remove all of your wool bedding (other than the mattress) and place them out in the sun. The sun will naturally deodorize, bleach, disinfect, and revitalize your bedding.  You can hang the bedding over railings or furniture, hang them out the window, or lay them on a blanket in the sun.  If you are unable to take your bedding outside, you can place the items near a fireplace/stove or other source of dry heat.  If you live in a particularly humid climate you can take additional steps.

  1. Use a dehumidifier.
  2. Sun and air all the bedding more frequently.
  3. Fold all the bedding over to allow the bottom of the mattress additional air.
  4. Use a space heater as a stand in for sun.
  5. Vacuum your mattress and wool and rubber pillow tops to pull air through the fibers.

Wool is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.  Keep your eye on the wooden slats of your frame for early signs of mildew. Always keep everything up off the ground to move air thru the system.

Washing your washable wool products

Our mattress protectors and some wool pillows are machine washable and dryable.  It is important to wash these items with care.  Frequent washing will strip the fibers of the lanolin, removing some of the beneficial properties of wool.  It is recommended that these items be washed in a gentle or hand-washable cycle.  It is important that the water is cold.  To increase the longevity and softness of the wool, use a natural wool wash such as Eucalan or Kookaburra.  These items can be dried in a drier on a low setting or sun dried. Or just spot clean w/ vinegar and water and hang to dry. This avoids the washing away of the lanolin’s in the wools that are beneficial.

Cleaning up Accidents

Accidents happen, but our wool mattress pads can be gently hand-washed.  Make sure to avoid warm/hot water and to dry the item completely before use.

  • Run water (spot clean) through the soiled area with a natural soap, vinegar or lemon and water until clean. For larger stains, fill bathtub or basin with cool/tepid water.  Add a bit of detergent to the water or directly to soiled area.
  • Submerge soiled area and swish gently in the water.
  • Drain the basin, press water out of the bedding, and repeat as desired.
  • Avoid wringing and twisting the wet wool.
  • To remove odors, you can dilute vinegar in water and pour through the soiled areas.

Again, be sure the item is thoroughly dry before using. Hang out to dry




MATTRESSES:Each manufacturer will provide their warranty inside the mattress. Here is ours.

Mattress 10 year to 25 year depending on each manufacturer. First 10 years flat out and 15years prorated.

What’s covered Excessive lumpiness, body impressions of 1.5 inch or more, sagging, defects due to poor workmanship. 

What’s not covered: Body impressions of 1.5 inches or less. This is normal breaking in of wools and rubbers. Mattresses sold off the floor, or as is, are not warranted. Stains, soiling, natural smells of wool or latex, odors, damage as a result of mishandling or improper support. Development of mildew or mold, and Intolerance of natural aroma and other circumstances not mentioned in the warranty. Improper handling of the innerspring mattresses such as bending in the center, resulting in coil damage is not warranted. All shipping charges back and forth for warranted items are the responsibility of the customer. We cannot repair a mattress if it is in unsanitary condition, damaged caused by transportation or a change in firmness, comfort preference, sheet fit, damage due to abuse, structural damage due to an improper bed frame, minor stitching coming undone. (this will not compromise the mattress), excessive body weight, allergies or sensitivities to the natural products in the mattress. Pictures of defects must be sent to the retailer for inspection as a first step.

FOUNDATIONS: Your foundation must be supported by a good slat bed or a metal bed frame, with a center support. We always like to see braces going from under the foundation to the floor. 

PILLOWS/MATTRESS PROTECTORS: Sorry, there is no warranty on pillows, or mattress pads. 

ALL RUBBER PILLOWTOPS:3 Year limited warranty, unless stated otherwise. What’s covered -Excessive lumpy feelings, sagging, and defective quilting? (Protect your pillow top with a wool or cotton mattress protector pad).

What’s Not Covered:Odor, stains, burns, second ownership, indentations less than 1.5”, intolerance of natural aromas, soiling, pitting or damage of fabric from washing, minor pulling of stitching. All of our mattress manufacturers have different mattress warranties with their products.  If you have any issues with your mattress, contact the store of purchase and the details will be worked out.  Always keep your paperwork in this file with the sales receipt under your mattress foundation.  This paperwork and receipt will be your ticket to fixing whatever problems arise during your ownership of your products. Manufacturer warranties are not transferable.

  • Your mattress must be continually supported by a matching foundation, or an appropriate frame. Put organic cotton fabric over your wood or metal slats before placing the mattress down, if possible.
  • In order for your warranty to be valid, you must be the original purchaser, and purchased your product from an authorized “The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®, Inc. dealer. Provide a copy of the original proof of purchase from the authorized dealer and provide the Law Label from your “The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®, Inc.” product.
  • We make every effort to keep the highest quality standards in place when making our products. If you should discover a defect in your new product from The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®, Inc. Private Label line, contact us immediately. If a defect that is covered by the warranty is discovered within the warranty period, we will replace or repair (at our option) the defective item within a reasonable time frame. The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®, reserves  the right to refuse service and invalidate this warranty when, upon inspection, the product is found to be in unsanitary condition, or when the product failure is due to  a cause other than defective workmanship or materials. The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®, Inc. does not warrant that this product is suitable for any person’s medical or personal allergy conditions. The East Coast Organic Mattress Store, ®, Inc. makes no warranty beyond what is contained here in writing. The East Organic Mattress Store®, Inc. will repair or replace at its option the warranted items and reserves the right to replace the materials with equal value. All transportation, shipping and packaging for damaged product are the responsibility of the consumer.thru out the warranty period.