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“Some Things Never Change”

The Organic Mattress Store thinks organic mattress search is going to be at the forefront of the women’s revolution. “Tomorrows organic growth is going to come from concerned mothers, and from consumers growing from the bottom up.” Have you often wondered why you have trouble falling asleep? Staying Asleep? We all renew and heal during sleep-physiologically  between 10PM-2AM and Physically between2AM-6AM. Quieting any electromagnetic fields around your bed can also make a big difference. Unplug your alarm clock if its near your head and plug it in away from your body and the bed. This same application can be applied to all electrical devices in your bedroom.
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Service & Quality are
What We’re “About”

  • We do not use any synthetic blends in our products to cut costs.
  • We do not deflate our latex mattresses, and roll our mattresses up to ship them via UPS, like some bed in the box manufacturers do.
  • We do not leave our Private label rubber cores unwrapped . By not doing so they can wear down, and we feel this could do damage to the cores.
  • We ship all our mattresses free with a 2 man inside delivery. We give away some free stuff too.
  • We do more than the next guy.


From an organic twin mattress, to a king, all of our certified 100% organic cottons for our organic mattresses have met the updated strict standards of the USDA/National Organic Program. This means consumers are purchasing items certified organic from field to finished product. We don’t skimp on quality, and never will.

Dennis HornickThis January 2022 will mean were going into our 18th year in business selling the finest natural latex mattresses in the country. Since 2004, our motto has always been to find and sell products that contain the finest organic materials. Keep your life simple and the ingredients in your mattress as well.

As in the past, we still encourage our customers to come in and lie down on the finest selection of mattresses to be found anywhere in the country. Come check out the variety of nature’s finest ingredients we use in our products. If you cannot come to us, we will ship anywhere! We have asked our manufacturers to make their finest mattresses for us, containing organic and chemical free wool and 100% organic cotton fabric. We always have and always will ask for the purest products available. And as a result, we have assembled a line of products that will continue to give you “Peace of Mind” throughout all the years to come. Thanks for your business and we hope we can be of service to you in the future. Remember, “The less brushstrokes the better,” meaning the less ingredients you put into an organic mattress, the better you are. 100% Certified Organic Cotton Fabric, Pure Wool’s, and Natural Dunlop Rubber . “Light Years From Conventional”. Thats The Organic Mattress Store.

Let this website or our catalog be your gateway to a wealth of healthy, supportive sleep options with a mattress from The East Coast Organic Mattress Store® Inc. The superb products we sell are what we believe in, and we will sell nothing else. We look forward to giving you a great night’s sleep!
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Way back when a huge department store chain called Sears sold this kind of rubber, and we occasionally hear about one still around, that grandma has. Wool is always used in our mattresses right under the top layer of fabric(ticking) on the top and sides of the mattress. This is your natural fire retardant.


Customer for Life 10% off Program

The East Coast Organic Mattress Store® Inc. places great emphasis on returning customers. So to reward customers who have purchased mattresses from us on the past, the purchaser just needs to show a sales receipt of the mattress purchased to any store in The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®Inc. system, and that person will be eligible for 10% off all top of the bed products sold by The East Coast Organic Mattress Store®Inc. This promotion cannot be used with any other promotions. This promotion only applies to approved products that are from approved vendors in The East Coast Organic Mattress Store® system.Plant

Located directly in-between New York City and Philadelphia/ But serving the entire USA.