A Few Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Natural Wool Carpet

Natural wool carpets are one of the healthiest flooring options available. They are made of wool that is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or GMOs (genetically modified organism), and then harvested in an ethical manner to ensure the health and safety of sheep. But while natural wool is highly resilient and resistant to dust mites, it is still prone to dirt and daily wear and tear. Hence, it is important to practice proper cleaning methods to ensure that it is sanitized while prolonging its life. Here are some tips for cleaning a natural wool carpet:

  • Vacuum regularly – Regular vacuuming will keep your carpet looking neat for a long time. Though natural wool is resistant to stains and dirt, vacuuming helps ensure that dirt can be removed before it can go deeper into the carpet where it can cause damage. It is advisable to vacuum a natural wool carpet at least once every week, and every other day if it is in a high traffic area.
  • Do not use hot water to clean it – Wool does not do well with water that is extremely hot. This is why you should never clean your natural wool carpet with hot water that is 150 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Otherwise, it will shrink and move away from the walls.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning products – Natural Wool fibers are sensitive, so they are best kept away from harsh cleaning chemicals and direct sunlight. Look for cleaning products that do not have brighteners and bleach. Choose cleaners that have pH levels between five and eight.
  • Never soak it – The same qualities that make natural wool ideal for organic mattresses make it ideal for carpets, too. The natural fibers create small air pockets that offer insulation when it is cold. However, these same properties can make it difficult for the natural wool carpet to dry. Soaking the carpet will cause moisture to be trapped there for weeks, resulting in unbearable smells. If you use shampoo and water for the carpet, be sure to open the windows and dry it with the aid of fans.
  • Get rid of stains as soon as you can – Do not wait until your next cleaning day. Use a high-quality carpet stain remover and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to spot clean the stain. Otherwise, it will set and it will be more difficult to clean.

About the Author:

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