A Few Simple Steps for Taking Care of Your Natural Wool Carpets

The best way to care for your carpet largely depends on the type of carpet you own. Natural wool is a popular choice in many households. The good news is that wool is naturally resistant to dirt, thanks to its unique fiber construction that makes it harder for dirt particles to stick and become deep-seated into your carpet spread. This makes natural wool carpet easier to clean and keep. Because they don’t require frequent and extensive cleaning, they can also keep their color longer.

Even though wool doesn’t get dirty quite as easily, this shouldn’t mean that you don’t have to maintain a routine cleaning schedule to keep it free from dirt and dust. Regular vacuuming is highly recommended. However, keep in mind certain precautions so as not to damage your carpet from harsh brushing. For instance, never use your rotary brush on your loop-pile carpets, unless you want the yarns to fuzz and become undone. Instead of a rotary brush, use a friendlier floor tool when vacuuming.

When it comes to liquid spills, you can get rid of the mess by misting the area with water and blotting, just like you would with synthetic carpets. However, you should refrain from using ammonia or highly alkaline cleaners, which can very easily damage wool. That is why, Natural wool carpet is a popular choice in many households. When the time for major cleaning comes, elect to deep clean your carpet, but consider a professional service for area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets. DIY home cleaning may not be ideal for these kinds of installations because wool absorbs more water than synthetics. This makes your carpet a lot harder to dry. If you don’t have the right tools for the job, you might do more harm than good to your carpet, so best leave the task to the experts. For smaller carpets, deep cleaning on your own may be possible, but make sure you don’t use highly alkaline cleaners in the process. Call The Organic Mattress Store to get the best cleaner on the market today for your wool carpet..

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