Features and Benefits of Natural Rubber Vs Synthetic Rubber
100% NaturalPromotes Health and
No artificial fillers usedis Durable
Contains AntibacterialRepels Dust Mites
PropertiesGood for Respiratory 
Highly resilient and flexibleSupports the body
Does not sag or deformMakes sleeping comfortable
Unique pinhole designGood air circulation, body
Perspiration quickly dissipates
Available in soft,medium,orMeets the desired comfort levels
firm hardness
Natural RubberSBR FoamPolyurethane Foam
Derived from the milky juicefoam with a chemical basefoam with a chemical base
of the rubber tree
superior recovery propertiesnot a good recovery materialnot a good recovery property
inherent resiliencelacks resiliencelacks resilience
Provides perfect body supportLower level of body supportLower level of body support
and ventilation
Dissipated sweat and moistureLower level of Sweat DisposalLower level of Sweat Disposal
from the body
Contains Bacteriostatic andNo effect on BacteriaNo Effect on Bacteria
Bacteriocidal Properties
Durable and ResieientPoor durability and resiliencePoor durability and resilience
Pinhole cavities on both sidesDoes not contain pinhole cavitiesDoes not contain pinhole cavities
Does not create dust or fluffDoes not create dust of fluffDoes not create dust of fluff
If burnt,smoke contains unburntCreates black toxic smoke,Creates black toxic smoke,
carbon not injurious to healthinjurious to healthinjurious to health
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