The 90 day trial period


I had a customer last week who asked me if we offer a trial period, and I explained that we do not, because we don’t ever want a customer to think the mattress you purchase from us has been in someone else’s home before. He said GREAT, that’s what I wanted to hear! When you see the 90 day, 180 day & 1 year trial period, do you ever wonder what they do with that mattress if you do return? I’m sure some are donated or used for fire testing, (but really, how many fire tests do you have to do?). Some states allow a mattress to be sanitized & resold, this is just gross, and a chemical process we don’t support anyway. It is a gray area of the industry and the state laws vary on the sale and tagging of used and sanitized mattresses. We don’t go there EVER, the mattresses you purchase from is always NEW, never EVER been slept on before.To top it off the 90 day trial period companies end up getting 10%-20% of there mattresses back. Maybe some of them end up in landfills. Thanks, but no thanks.  Purchase your organic mattress from The Organic Mattress Store in Hellertown, Pa. You can call us at 1-484-851-3636, or visit us online at