5 Tips to Maintain the Life of Your Organic Mattress

An organic mattress is always a good investment that will not only improve the quality of your sleep, but also help enhance your health. It makes sense to take good care of your mattress and make sure it will last a long time. While organic mattresses are naturally more durable than regular mattresses, you still need to make an effort to take good care of it to make sure that it can serve you much longer. On average, a high-quality organic mattress that is made of natural latex will last for about 20 years without undue deterioration. Here are five tips to help you maintain and prolong the life of your organic mattress:

  • Remember: Your mattress is not a plaything. Do not jump on it or let your kids treat it like it is a trampoline. You may want to avoid eating, smoking, or burning candles in bed, too.
  • Have the proper support. Your organic mattress may not need a foundation, but it does need adequate support to prevent sagging and structural damage. Proper support will ensure that your mattress will support your body well, too. The best support is one with a ventilated, slatted, and rigid surface. Make sure the box spring or foundation is appropriate for the brand of your mattress.
  • Flip and rotate your mattress. You still need to rotate and flip your organic mattress to prevent sagging and to make sure that impressions do not become permanent. Rotate the mattress every six months, and flip it every six months. Ideally, you should do these tasks with help from another person, so you do not strain your back.
  • Let organic mattress breathe. Once a month, remove the mattress pad and the sheets to let the natural fibers to breathe.
  • Use a mattress protector. Purchase a high-quality organic mattress protector to reduce allergens and to keep the sleep surface cleaner and odor-free.