5 Tips for Avoiding Over-Spending on Organic Mattresses

It can be better for your health and well-being to sleep on an organic mattress made of organic wool, cotton, and pure, natural latex. Less allergies and a more comfortable sleep are among some of the benefits you can experience when you switch to organic. If you are planning to upgrade your conventional mattress to an organic mattress, the last thing you want to happen is to overspend. There are stores where you can purchase high-quality organic mattresses at a reasonable price. Here are tips that can help you find these stores and how you can avoid overspending on an organic mattress.


    1. Know what you want.

A study released by the Sustainability Furnishings Council revealed that people who are more informed and educated about the opportunity to buy green products, are more likely to actually do it. This is why you should do your research about organic mattresses to find out what makes them the way they are, and how you can tell them apart from other products. For starters, organic mattresses are made of all-natural materials like certified organic wool and natural latex, which is derived from rubber trees.

    1. Know where the material comes from:

One of the leading brands of organic mattresses in the US sources natural latex from Malaysia and Sri Lanka. This makes sure their materials are as pure as they can get. Malaysian and Sri Lankan latex is among the best there is.

    1. Find out what is in the mattress:

Stay away from mattresses that have harmful materials like petroleum-based polyester, nylon, flame-retardant chemicals like boric acid and silicone, and polyurethane foam.

An organic wool mattress by Shepherd’s Dream has10 layers of thick premium special blend wool padding made in the US with Pure Northwest Oregon/California Premium Eco Wool that is certified organic. Wool is naturally fire retardant and complies with the Federal Fire Law 1633.

A private label of a leading organic mattress store features a latex mattress made of Sri Lankan Dunlop rubber core surrounded by certified organic cotton webbing. The padding materials underneath the top organic cotton fabric are a blend of Pure Pacific Northwest Oregon/California Eco Wool and certified organic fabric.

    1. Know your measurements:

Know the size of mattress you need to make sure you can purchase the right mattress and get the best value for your money.

  1. Consider an in-house brand:

An organic mattress store may carry a wide range of products from well-known brands of organic wool and natural latex mattresses, but it may have its own line or brand. Check if the mattress store has its own range of organic mattresses and compare them with the (usually more expensive) branded mattresses.