3 Reasons to Buy Organic Kids Mattress

Natural organic mattresses are in fashion these days, especially the recent studies that are coming out have proved how traditionally produced mattresses can be a potential health risk, especially for young children. Investing in an organic mattress will benefit your family greatly in terms of keeping everyone healthy and safe from the dangers of the toxins and chemicals present in traditional mattresses. The following are major reasons why you should consider buying organic kids mattresses:

  • Organic kids mattresses help protect your child from the common toxic chemicals that are found in traditional mattresses. Standard mattresses are required to follow fire regulations, and are thus doused in chemical flame retardants, which contain substances that can be potentially harmful once off-gassing starts. Overtime, these chemicals release harmful fumes that your children can inhale, introducing a host of harmful toxins to their body.Offgassing can last for the life of the mattress.
  • Organic kids mattresses are instead, encased in loosely weaved ┬áchemical free and organic wool Being naturally flame resistant, wool eliminates the need to soak the covering in harmful chemicals, thus making your child’s bed a healthier place to sleep and rest. Wool is also naturally moisture resistant, which helps greatly in the upkeep of the mattress.
  • Organic mattresses are free from the high amounts of chemicals that standard mattresses often contain, thus keeping your kids away from the harm that they may pose in their health. Exposure to even minute doses of chemicals and toxins at the most critical points in a child’s development can adversely damage their growth and cause many problems and defects. These chemicals may also disturb the peaceful sleep of children, which retards their growth and hinders their proper development. In addition to safe fire protection, organic mattresses offer a wide range of healthy comforts for children and the entire family.
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