3 Characteristics to Look For in Organic Baby Mattresses

natural latex baby mattress $499.00

Are your sure that your baby’s mattress is safe? If it is a conventional mattress, then it may have been treated with chemicals to meet certain flame retardant standards. These chemicals are toxic and dangerous, as many have been linked to cancer and were found to affect brain development. This is why you should consider buying an organic baby mattress to ensure a safe and healthy crib experience for your child. Not all organic mattresses are made equal, though, so you should shop wisely. Here are three important characteristics that you should look for in an organic baby mattress:

  1. Firmness

    A natural latex baby mattress supports the body by following its contours. It recovers fast when you lift the baby off. The firm surface provides a comfortable and even sleeping surface to promote good air circulation. This way, perspiration can quickly dissipate from the mattress and it will not retain moisture.

    For innerspring baby mattresses, look for a 260 coil count with a standard border wire. Otherwise, make sure the mattress has a 90-95-extra firm central latex core, which is surrounded with organic cotton and organic, and chemical free wool fabric.

  2. No polyurethane

    Organic baby mattresses must be made of 100 percent organic cotton. This means there should not be any synthetic recycled fibers blended into its composition. Make sure the mattress does not contain any polyurethane fabric or foam. Polyurethane foam mattresses may be cheap, but they sink easily and lose their form over time. Moreover, the material is typically treated with chemicals and petroleum.

  3. Quilted

    Look for an organic baby mattress that has a quilted surface. Consider features like 100 percent certified organic cotton ticking and cotton padding. Look for California Eco Wool©, which is a natural fire retardant in organic baby mattresses
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