3 Amazing Benefits of Organic Wool Pillows

You can get them in Organic Cotton, Wool, Rubber or Kapok. there all nice

With organic beddings, achieving healthier sleep has become possible.  In addition to your mattress, your pillow should also be as comfortable and healthy as possible. There are many different types of organic pillows that you can choose from in the market today, but many agree that wool pillows offer greater benefits:

  • Better sleep quality – One of the main ingredients of a good quality sleep is proper sleeping posture. A good quality pillow helps you keep your head, neck, and your spine aligned. Because organic wool pillows have just the right firmness, they offer a comfortable place to rest your head on and offer far better alignment than conventional pillows. Organic wool also helps regulate temperature and absorb moisture, which reduces discomfort and keeps you from tossing and turning in your bed, thus offering an overall better sleep quality. Wool wicks the moisture away from your head.
  • Healthier sleep – Like organic mattresses, wool pillows are free from the usual PBDEs and harmful chemicals that are present in conventional, synthetic beddings. They don’t contain harmful substances that emit harmful toxins as the pillows off-gas, thus giving you a healthier sleeping environment. Research show that the toxic substances present in traditional bedding can cause various developmental, reproductive, and neurological problems, especially with constant exposure. This is especially significant in developing children. Organic wool pillows are also naturally hypoallergenic, which helps relieve people who constantly suffer from allergies.
  • Friendly – Organic pillows, mattresses, and other types of beddings are also the more eco-friendly and sustainable choice, as they are produced using the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable ways. Not only do organic wool pillows prevent toxic emissions from off-gassing, but the materials used to make them also do not cause much harm to the health. The materials are derived from sheep that are raised, farmed, sheared, and processed in the most sustainable and least harmful ways possible, ensuring environmental preservation.
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