Organic Mattress Facts – What’s In Your Bed?

A truly organic mattress is made of materials that are grown organically and then processed and manufactured using absolutely no harmful chemicals. It is never dipped in toxic materials, and is uses only materials that were grown without pesticides. You can trust that these mattresses are naturally fire retardant, so… Keep Reading

Keep Your Baby Safe by Using an Organic Kids Mattress

The fact that you are searching for more information on kids’ organic mattresses means that you are already familiar with—and probably alarmed by—the toxic nature of conventional mattresses. As a parent, you want to ensure that your kids are not exposed to harmful chemicals off-gassing by most of the conventional… Keep Reading

Stay Healthy With an Organic Mattress

Good health can also be achieved with sound and proper sleep. One of the most neglected aspects of keeping a healthy lifestyle is sleep. It delivers tremendous benefits to your health, especially when you give proper attention. Creating an environment that helps you sleep peacefully and promotes rest is important… Keep Reading