The Benefits of Sleeping On an Organic Latex Mattress

Organic latex mattresses have garnered the highest satisfaction ratings from consumers who have actually tried them. They are often hailed as the better alternative to conventional memory foam and polyurethane mattresses because they are free from toxic chemicals. Organic latex is made using a natural material from rubber trees, which… Keep Reading

Which Natural Mattress is Right for You?

Considering the seven to nine hours you spend sleeping each night, you get over 2,500 hours spent on a bed throughout the course of a year. This alone, is enough reason for you to think about the surface you are sleeping on. The quality of sleep you get also dictates… Keep Reading

Which is best? Natural Latex (Rubber)

or Synthetic Latex ? Latex mattresses are often a good choice for people who are allergic to wool. When it comes to latex mattresses, you can choose between organic (Natural) or Synthetic latex. Online retailers of organic mattresses often market their products as either natural or organic—but are they really?… Keep Reading

Organic Duvet Covers for Modern Decor

Organic duvet covers are becoming more and more popular in households the world over. More than their decorative appeal, organic duvets make an excellent bedding choice because of their health and environmental benefits. Like most organic products, soft and luxurious organic duvets aim to make your sleep better and healthier,… Keep Reading

Getting Proper Sleep

We all know getting the best sleep is vital. So we search for the perfect mattress. We end up at showrooms looking at conventional mattresses , then we look at organic. We notice conventional means just that. Synthetic cotton fabric, chemical fire retardants, memory foam, etc etc. Then we notice… Keep Reading

An Insight on Organic Mattresses

With so-called ‘green products’ being all the rage these days, you might be skeptical about things that are labeled ‘organic’—and that’s understandable because the market is saturated with misleading claims. That said, organic mattresses are still the way to go especially when you are expecting a newborn and if you… Keep Reading

Tips for Cold Sleepers

We said it once and we will say it again. Wear a loose pair of cotton socks to bed and you will sleep longer and better. Sleep near a radiator or add a space heater. Try a weighted blanket. What we do is use organic cotton sheets, organic cotton blankets,… Keep Reading