Give Your Baby A Healthy Beginning

Buy an Organic Mattress Chemical exposure is usually the last thing parents think about when laying their little angels down for a nap. But did you know that exposure to questionable chemicals should be a major concern, especially for newborn babies who are very susceptible to their harmful effects? This… Keep Reading

Organic Innerspring Mattresses are Great for Sleeping

Innerspring mattresses are the most common type of mattresses being sold today. A typical innerspring type of mattress consists of three parts: the foundation, upholstery layers, and the spring core. Innerspring mattresses are one type of organic mattress that you can buy (the other being organic rubber(natural latex mattresses). Are… Keep Reading

Some Benefits of Buying a Latex Organic Mattress

If you find yourself waking up feeling sore, cranky, and uncomfortable, perhaps it’s time to change your mattress. Perhaps your mattress could be the reason why you are itchy and experiencing certain allergies and health conditions. Switching to a latex organic mattress is a good solution to eliminate problems associated… Keep Reading