Be Healthy by Using Organic Mattresses

    CALL NOW. Like many people, you are probably interested in buying an organic mattress, but are put off by the price, which is significantly more expensive—about 20% more than a conventional mattress. With all the hype and misinformation that’s out there, it can be hard to make a… Keep Reading

Benefits of an organic mattress

  With the organic movement steadily influencing consumer’s purchasing decisions, more people are becoming curious about the real benefits of using and consuming organic products and adapting to an organic lifestyle altogether. Switching to organic foods is often the first step people take towards a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle. But… Keep Reading

A General Overview of a Certified Organic Mattress

  Organic and natural are terms that get thrown loosely in today’s product labels. This makes it hard and sometimes even impossible for consumers to tell the difference between legitimately organic products and those that are only claiming to be natural and eco-friendly. How then can you tell the difference?While… Keep Reading

Time for a new mattress?

  If the old mattress is keeping you awake instead of ushering you into a nice, restful sleep, it is high time to consider buying a brand new mattress that will help you improve the quality of your nightly rest. Some symptoms of a bad mattress include waking up tired… Keep Reading

College Dorm Life

Going off to college can be exciting & stressful. To help the transition, surrounding yourself with a little bit of cozy comfort can help the transition be less stressful. . While you are pretty much stuck with whatever bed is in the dorm room, you can make it your own… Keep Reading

Were looking for designers

    Please allow us to introduce to you The Organic Mattress Store, Inc.  We are a premier organic mattress and linen store on the east coast.  We carry a full line of organic mattresses, pillows, comforters and linens made from the purest, most natural products on earth.  Our showroom,… Keep Reading