People often ask us, what is an organic mattress? We simply say, they are mattresses constructed from natural substances that are free of harsh and damaging chemicals. Your babies and loved ones deserve to be sleeping on these comfortable and clean mattresses. The resulting quality will enable enjoyment for many… Keep Reading

Our Showroom Floor has 17 different firmness’s .

On our showroom floor, we have 17 different firmness levels, which consist of all Natural Guatemalan, and Malasian Rubber, and innerspring mattresses. All are extremely comfortable and designed to significantly reduce stiffness, along with back and shoulder pain, provide pressure relief, significantly reduce motion transfer, and give you a cooler… Keep Reading

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Where does one go these days to find the natural latex mattress of their dreams? Are you thinking of making an organic latex mattress purchase?  Are the ingredients truly chemical free? What goes inside our mattress compared to those conventional mattresses? Lots of questions and lots of misleading answers are… Keep Reading

Kids and sleeping

  The Organic Mattress Store in Hellertown Pa thinks kids face a lot of stress when they go back to school.  New kids, teachers, and classrooms are stressful as they like familiarity and comfort.  The most important time for them to recover is while they are sleeping.  As a parent,… Keep Reading


MISSION STATEMENT of The Organic Mattress Store  Our mission is to always have the highest quality and the best selection of organic mattresses in the USA. We seek to make shopping for an organic mattress an educational experience. We treat others as we would like to be treated. As organic… Keep Reading

Were all over the place

  Today, when people type in the words “Organic Mattress “on over 350 search engines, The Organic Mattress Store pops up at the top of the first page 2x,  both in Pay per click and the Natural Listings. All of our certified organic cottons have met the strict standards of… Keep Reading

Who we are as a company 2021

Please allow us to introduce to you The Organic Mattress Store, Inc.  We are a premier organic mattress and linen store on the east coast.  We carry a full line of organic mattresses, pillows, comforters and linens made from the purest, most natural products on earth.  Our showroom, which is… Keep Reading


MATTRESSES Each manufacturer will provide there warranty inside the mattress. Here is ours. Mattress 10 year to 25 year depending on each manufacturer. First 10 years flat out and 15years prorated.   What’s covered Excessive lumpiness, body impressions of 1.5 inch or more, sagging, defects due to poor workmanship.  … Keep Reading