Washing your washable wool products

Our mattress protectors and some wool pillows are machine washable and dryable.  It is important to wash these items with care.  Frequent washing will strip the fibers of the lanolin, removing some of the beneficial properties of wool.  It is recommended that these items be washed in a gentle or… Keep Reading


Unmake your bed each morning The easiest way to care for your natural fiber bedding is by unmaking your bed every morning.  In order to let the most active areas of your bedding breathe, pull back your comforter and blankets for at least an hour or two, until you go… Keep Reading

General Care Instructions Mattress Protectors

    COTTON MATTRESS PROTECTOR: Our mattress pad is good mattress protection.  Machine wash in lukewarm/cold water setting.  Please use a natural/biodegradable detergent only.  You may line dry or tumble dry on low.  Do not bleach. This product is GOTS certified organic cotton. WOOL MATTRESS PROTECTOR: Made from pure tightly… Keep Reading


The East Coast Organic Mattress Store® (A mattress pad of some type is recommended with any mattress) To get the best benefit and longer life from your organic products please follow care instructions. COMFORTER CARE: Your wonderful new comforter needs just a little TLC.  It’s only natural, don’t you think?… Keep Reading

Your Innerspring Mattresses

Place your innerspring mattress on top of a box spring or wood slat foundation platform bed. For a longer life, do not allow jumping / bouncing on top of your mattress. Make sure their lined up. Think about using a wool or cotton mattress protector over the mattress. If you… Keep Reading