Scientific Research

                                                      At the beginning of 21st century, we can hardly imagine living without many electric devices, they make it easier for us to work in the office, at home, they entertain us. However we do not realize that they are also a source of very harmful positive ions… Keep Reading

Want to get a good night’s sleep?

FIRST: choose the right mattress – this is crucial to a good night’s sleep.  Side sleepers usually prefer a mattress with a topper of some sort. Back sleepers may want a mattress that is a little firmer. Find bedding for all seasons.  Organic cotton sheets come in percale, sateen and… Keep Reading

Dr William Dement: Sleep Specialist

He had the worlds first sleep disorder clinic. He used to say “Drowsiness is a red alert”-His rallying cry to make sleep deprivation a public health priority. Drowsiness was the last step before falling asleep, and put people at a higher risk of having an accident, and making other mistakes…. Keep Reading

Are you a side sleeper?

    If you are a side sleeper, you should have a pillow that is as deep as your shoulder.  You should also put a pillow between your knees.  Both of these suggestions will help keep your back aligned and help prevent aches and pains in your back. Let’s get… Keep Reading

Are you a back sleeper?

  If you are a back sleeper, remember to place a pillow under your legs to keep your spine aligned.  And your head should lay flat, so you should have a light pillow. How about we get you on a nice organic mattress for back sleepers today. We carry very… Keep Reading