Consider Percale Sheets for the Summer.

Do you wake up warm even though the AC is set to 68 degrees?  It might be time to look at your sheet selection for this time of year. It’s surprising that changing from sateen or flannel, to percale in the summer months can make a considerable difference in comfort. … Keep Reading

CPAP machine or an Organic Mattress?

  Sleep apnea can be effectively treated with a nighttime device called CPAP, for continuous positive airway pressure, a machine that provides constant positive pressure when the sleeper breathes in and out. It uses a mask that must be properly applied to form a tight seal around the nose and… Keep Reading

Are you waking up unrefreshed?

  “There’s a constellation of symptoms, starting with unrestorative sleep no matter how long you sleep. Even if you try to sleep more on weekends, you still wake up feeling unrefreshed. The fractured sleep results in feeling like you’ve stayed up all night.” You are sleepy during the day, especially… Keep Reading

Getting rid of leg cramps while sleeping

Consuming eight ounces of quinine-containing tonic water (actually, diet tonic) every night before bed just might relieve leg  cramps If you can’t handle that amount of liquid close to bedtime, drink it earlier in the evening or perhaps try an herbal remedy that I use when traveling: Go to an… Keep Reading