Maybe Lucy and Ricky had it right all along.  Research shows there may be grounds for sleeping separately like the bedroom scenes in the 50’ show “I love lucy”.

Couples who sleep in the same bedroom are more likely to experience nocturnal disturbances from their partner (like snoring, bad hygiene, tossing and turning, and different schedules). All this can lead to health problems, sexual dysfunction and marital spats.

We have found that one partner’s sleepless night caused by disturbances from the other partner can result in conflicts in the relationship the next day.

Feeling rested, the experts say could help you manage life with more focus and control, which in turn can make you feel more content and happier in your relationship

Sleeping apart not falling apart is a good foundation on which to build and weather a relationship. Not sharing a marital bed is becoming many couples dream. It was a combination of  increased snoring and my increased difficulty settling into sleep.

Everyone I ever dated knew that if we married I would want my own bedroom. If they tried to change my mind, I knew he was not the one for me. Healthy couples who sleep separately can be as happy as healthy couples who sleep together. They seem to have as good a sex life as couples who share the same bed. Maybe is because they respect each other’s personal space. . Plus it must add some excitement and longing to their sex life. 

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