3 Benefits of Organic Stuffed AnimalToys

If you want to protect your baby from developing allergies that may be caused by harmful chemicals and toxins used in conventional toys, then it’s a good idea to invest in organic stuffed animals. Here are just some of their many benefits.

  • Zero harmful chemicals – Organic stuffed animals are safer. You never have to worry about your child ingesting or inhaling toxic chemicals whenever he or she bites the toy or sleeps right next to it. The best organic stuffed animals are made of a cotton shell filled with unbleached cotton clippings ibers. These materials are hypoallergenic so you can rest easy knowing that it won’t cause your child to develop allergies. You can’t say the same about mass-produced stuffed animals that usually contain toxic polyfill. The eyes and other such details on high quality organic stuffed toys are embroidered so that thereare no choking hazards.
  • Eco-friendly – Aside from being healthier overall, organic stuffed animal toys are also environmentally sensitive. The cotton used in these stuffed animals are sourced from certified organic farms that grow pesticide-free cotton. You are supporting these farmers and helping protect ground water from further contamination whenever you choose to buy organic. Industrially manufactured toys often harm the earth because they are made with toxic chemicals that are used to make them softer, morestain-resistant, and flame retardant. These harmful chemicals eventually make it into the soil and rivers. Studies also show that they cause developmental problems, respiratory problems (including asthma), skin allergies, and other conditions that may manifest later on in your child’s life.
  • Helps development – Organic stuffed toys can help your child develop brain and motor skills. They also encourage imagination and can serve as comfort objects—very much like security blankets that provide psychological comfort at bedtime or in unusual situations.
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