Organic Latex Mattresses

 This is our lineup of organic mattress manufacturers. We did not just throw these together out nowhere. In fact over the last 12 years a lot of them have been taken out of our system. They just did not fit the bill. They just did not perform. So we dumped them. Maybe it was their smelly so called natural latex, or their Simalfa infused Talalay. We had our reasons and so did our environmental attorney who we hired to check all of our vendors out. Today there is no cleaner system than what we sell. Don’t settle for the cheap deals going around that seem too good to be true. Most retailers are just not there in the quality department. Yet people fall for it on a daily basis. Be a label reader and deal with a company who knows what works and what does not work..

So,where does one go these days to find the natural latex mattress of their dreams? They go to The Organic Mattress Store Inc. Are you thinking of making an organic latex, or an innerspring mattress purchase? What goes inside our mattresses compared to those conventional mattresses? Lots of questions and lots of misleading answers are out there. Let our 12 plus years of experience guide you. First of all our natural Dunlop Sri Lankan and Malaysian latex is tapped from rubber trees. This is as pure as it gets. Sri Lankan, and Malaysian latex is the best we have seen. Wool is our natural fire retardant. 100% organic cotton fabric tops it off. “Let’s keep it simple” is our motto, and we been doing just that since 2004. Click here for a Free 2017 Catalog.

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Do you want a mattress that will last 20 to 25 years, reduce back pain, lower your heart rate with a natural wool fire retardant, and be wonderful and luxuriously comfortable and supportive when you are sleeping? If so, then you have come to the right place. Purchasing an Organic Mattress Store mattress will be the most important purchase of your lifetime. Fall asleep knowing you and your loved ones are safe and secure from the pesticides and chemicals used in conventional mattress manufacturing. Besides buying a mattress, you’re also buying “Peace Of Mind”

See and feel the vibrant effects for yourself what each of our green mattress manufacturers have to offer. Come check out how our mattresses can provide uniform support from head to toe, eliminate pressure points, off gassing from conventional mattresses, and get rid of dust mites as well. All of our mattresses will control body heat by whisking away the moisture your body is putting off each night as you sleep. Then let us help you find the ultimate pillow to go with the mattress.

We want you to have the healthiest natural latex mattress available. The Organic Mattress Store Inc. is here to help. So, get the sleep you have been dreaming of without worrying about sleeping on a conventional blob of chemicals. Experience total comfort and almost no transference of motion on all of our natural latex mattresses. Give us a call, or stop in. Let us guide you with our custom questionnaire on things like your height, weight, sleeping patterns, etc., etc. to help you navigate this most important purchase. Give us a call; we’re here to assist you.


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